Patrick Linden’s Case Against Death




I loved the article. Aging is not a blessing. The wisdom of experience is.

It makes me want to be a 200-year-old lobster that’s far stronger at that age than a 50-year-old one! I know it’s a lot to ask for, so I’d take a healthy 150 years. I’m not that shellfish… :wink:


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This one seems good too

Biggest science prize ever aims to extend human healthspan by a decade

Do humans have a biological or moral obligation to die young? Of course, “young” is subjective. Greenland sharks often live to be centuries old in good health. Until the 1900s, the human life expectancy was 31, including deaths at birth and a plethora of infectious diseases throughout life. Today, it’s 74 — and some calculate it’s increasing by 3 months for every year one stays alive. Yet the average healthspan — the number of years we live in good health — hasn’t fully kept up with the recent increase in average years lived.

Americans typically record a 12-year gap between healthspan and life expectancy, and the costs of this healthspan gap are disheartening. Today, some 40 million people in the United States — predominantly women — are unpaid caretakers of millions of older adults in declining health. By 2029, America will spend $3 trillion dollars yearly (half its federal budget) on adults aged 65 or older. Developing countries like Brazil, where the population of adults aged over 65 will triple.-,Most%20likely%20by%202050%2C%20Brazil%20will%20have%20around%2066%20million,is%20outstanding%20for%20its%20speed.) by 2050, are getting old before getting rich.

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Leon Kass, a famous physicist and former chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics, apparently called death “a blessing for every human individual, whether he knows it or not,” and complained that “the desire to prolong youthfulness [is] an expression of a childish and narcissistic wish incompatible with devotion to posterity.”

This is sick death-worship.

I like Linden’s reframing of life/death by describing life as a process, not a project. A project might be completed or given up, while a process can go on and on as long as you wish it to or as long as you can maintain it; it’s a little like an athlete well past their prime still playing, not to set some record, but just because they love the game. Is a love for the game childish and narcissistic?


I know of no way to prevent brain shrinkage.

This approach could get there fast:

Even the brain can be progressively replaced at a cellular level over time without a loss of self-identity. Existing examples demonstrate that complex brain functions can if given enough time change their neural substrates. And new brain cells added to old brains can form remarkably normal connection patterns. These findings together suggest protocols for brain rejuvenation.

“An impressive overview of how regenerative medicine may reverse aging and reboot the brain.”—Anthony Atala, MD, Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Replacing Aging outlines how aging will soon be reversible as a result of the advances that are being made in regenerative medicine. The book explains the enormous complexity of aging and how the accumulation of myriad types of macromolecular damage in the body essentially precludes a pharmacological solution to the problem of aging. Nevertheless drugs remain the primary focus of the anti-aging field. Instead of drugs, a decisive way to erase all forms of age-related macromolecular damage at once would be by replacing old worn-out tissues with new young ones. As the book describes, an ability to replace all body parts seems more and more likely, if not inevitable.ébert-Ph-D/dp/1513663763?

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God I hate those kinds of people with passion. If they worship death and decay so much why don’t they do everyone a favor and die already?


It’s amazing how diverse people’s thoughts and ideas are. It’s best to find a group of people like you all who share the same goals and ideals so that we can help each other accomplish them!

Likewise the idiots should congregate together and stay far away from here. :wink:

I wonder if there’s an somewhere out there? :wink:

There is: Stupid News - WNOR FM99


Today, some 40 million Americans—predominantly women—are unpaid caretakers of millions of older adults in declining physical and mental health.[…] the ideal recipe for economic growth and innovation may be more births as well as more long-lived adults with younger brains and sprightlier limbs.

Yes, all of those caregivers who take their jobs because of familial obligations will be free to pursue other work, and there won’t be as many paid caretakers either since older people will be healthier.