Our first Spammer Here Today

We had our first spammer get through here in our forums today. I deleted and blocked the account when I saw it.

In the future - please Flag these spam posts so they are removed immediately from the system.

Anyone here can do this. At the bottom of every post there are the three dots …
Just click on that, then click on the “Flag” post icon.
Then identify the post as Spam.
And that will take it out of the forum, for me to review later.



You must be getting on the radar!! :muscle:

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I must say I am thoroughly impressed by your site. It is very well designed and would put many corporate sites to shame.
The software you are using is superb. Kudos to the webmaster and all of the hard work and time put in. I thoroughly enjoy spending part of my day here.


Yes. Thank you for this terrific site! :slight_smile:


It’s pretty straightforward to configure a Cloudflare WAF on their $20/mo PRO plan to fairly effectively fight bots. I would be thrilled to assist you in setting this up, and I’m sure we could pass the hat to cover the cost.


Another one got through, flagged.

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The current system is generally working, so I’m going to wait and see how things progress over the coming months. I don’t want to over engineer or over complicate something for a problem that only seems to happening once every few months on average.