Oreos vs Statin for Cholesterol Lowering: -71% vs -32.5%

Obviously that’s only applicable to LMHR (Lean Mass Hyper Responder = Low carbs + high HDL + high LDL + low TG) not FH phenotypes.

Oreos vs Statin for Cholesterol Lowering!
Brown: Oreos 12/d, Blue: Rosustatin 20mg/d

Ok just a fun N of 1 experiment but interesting and provocative anyway.

BTW any other LMHR phenotype here besides me?


Keto diet is killing people, basically.


For what it’s worth… after I take my supplements at night which I only take every other day. I figure that residual dose lasts at least one day in you.

Post supplements… about 12 in all, I always have two oreos and a glass of cold milk then go to bed.

I purposely don’t supplement on rapamycin night every week. Now doing 2 mg zydus and GFJ of one red grapefruit weekly… getting 12 ng/mL.

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If you start from the false premise that you need to lower cholesterol, you will proceed to all sorts of false conclusions.


What premise are you refuting, exactly? That decreasing LDL / apoB isn’t good for decreasing heart attack risk, all cause mortality, improving lifespan, etc?

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Yes, just about the entire medical and pharmaceutical industry is claiming you need to lower cholesterol.


So you believe that decreasing LDL or apoB won’t decrease your risk for heart attacks and improve your longevity? I don’t care what claims others are making, I am asking what you are claiming.

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I do have a similar issue and have been very low carb for a couple years. Try taking a quarter teaspoon of alpha cyclodextrin a while before each meal. It costs a whole nine cents. In the worst case it turns into short chain fatty acids in the end. It seems to have really helped my numbers, though I can’t rule out that it’s the beta cyclodextrins and they are expensive and require major commitment.