Order Stuck in NYC Customs? Help!

Ok guys. First post….and was wondering if this happened to anyone else. Hope not!

I ordered, and paid for 360 1mg Zydus pills for the Fur Family on January 6, 2023.
(One of my Goldens was in the Dog Aging Project in 2017, 2018. I’m all gung ho on
keeping them around as long as possible!)

Oddway International let me pay via credit card. $625 delivered. Not the cheapest, but I was ready to buy and trusted others who had used them successfully. Yeah! And the order was received in NYC on January 14, 2022 where it has been stuck ever since then.

Oddway told me via email that it will just take a week to be released and on its way. But that was 11 days ago and the India postal tracking service still shows it stuck in NYC. Oddway says that it will be released to me soon in the most recent email.

What do yall think? Am I SOL? Should I dispute the charge?
And I just tried to call India, and I can’t get calls to go through! And it is 3.30 a.m. over there right now anyway. Sigh….

Thank you for your help!

Be patient… Things get delayed in customs all the time. If customs seizes it they will send you a letter.

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Thank you for the feedback guys! I guess I’ll try to be patient.

And my Golden Glory is now 11 and still vibrant. She was on a low dose three times a week in 2018. The latest version of the DOG AGING Project (TRIAD) runs for a year, at a higher dose.

I can’t rejoin since I was already in the earlier trial. But, As per Matt Kaberlein’s current protocol, I am giving the 44 pound Goldens 3mg once a week, and the 18 pound CoJack just 1mg weekly. My vets are not open to this, so I am getting the drugs on my own.

I am having complete CBC’s run on all 3 this weekend. Will be fun to see how things shift!


I’ve dealt with India pharmacies for decades. In my experience, if it’s held more than a few days you’re SOL. The letter may or may not come. My supplier (Reliablerx pharmacy) always re-ships when it gets seized at no additional charge and they always answer the phone and respond to emails.

Thank you for the recommendation! Will keep it in mind if I have to reorder…

I recently ordered from NIBA healthcare . My order was 250 1mg tablets of rapacan for 6.8 usd$ per pack of 10 on 1/16/2023 and it was received by NY customs on 1/24/2023 and was released on 1/25/2023 late at night. Sometimes they just update it late.

I should note: that it was received on 1/24 around 4pm and released 1/25 at 11pm. From my past orders that was the longest my order was ever in customs. Usually my order has been received and released on the same day.


Thank you! And update….
I’m told that my order is being re shipped! And will be traceable in 2 days. Maybe it
will make it this time!

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I would like to update again. I just received my shipment. It looked like customs opened it and then repackaged it. But I did receive my full order.