Oral Surgery/Bone Graft & Rapamycin

Hi, I’m 31 M and am interested in trying rapamycin. Coincidentally I’m also going to be getting a dental implant done soon which will likely require a sinus lift and a bone graft. Then once the graft has integrated with my real bone (~3 months) they can put the implant in.

Since rapamycin inhibits mTOR, wouldn’t that slow healing/integration of the graft or possibly even rejection of the bone graft? Should I hold off on seeking a prescription until the surgeries are complete and does anybody have any similar experiences?

Hi, welcome to the forums. This is a fairly common question around here. Honestly, with the doses that most of us are taking for longevity purposes, the amount of reduction in wound healing is likely pretty low, but its not a big deal to go off rapamycin for a few weeks (or months in your case) while things are healing after a surgery, so most of us do that.

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You’re 31. What’s the hurry with rapamycin? Am risk averse. I’d wait till the implant is done.