Optimizing life for maximum fulfillment

This week on The Drive, I sit down with Bill Perkins, author of the bestseller, Die With Zero. In this episode, Bill unpacks the Die With Zero philosophy, which challenges conventional thinking related to the balance between health, wealth, and time—the three variables important for fulfillment.

Bill makes the case that we should strive for maximum net fulfillment rather than net worth (or even health). He argues that we need to optimize our life to have memorable experiences before it’s too late.

We also discuss:

  • Thinking in terms of time, and the relationship between money, time, and health
  • Solving for net fulfillment and allocating your time based on the seasons of life
  • How Bill thinks about risk, opportunity costs, and the difference between fear and risk tolerance
  • How to optimize for fulfillment and find purpose outside of work
  • How to apply the principles in Die With Zero to maximize fulfillment
  • How to break out of living life on autopilot
  • The importance of taking calculated risks
  • How Bill’s philosophy has evolved since writing Die With Zero

The Video. I enjoyed the book “From Strength to Strength” by Aurthur Brooks - so this also looks interesting:

He’s probably reflecting on the next chapter of his life. After all, he’s a successful entrepreneur, kid/s are getting older, mid (or maybe quarter) life :wink: It’s old Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in action - good on him :blush:

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