Openess moves the rapamycin movement forward

I fully accept that all people are not open about what rapamycin dose regime they are on or what experiences they have it. But on the other hand I think it’s also good that we try to be open in a pioneer and important area were we do this longevity journey together. We are all trying to navigate in this landscape without a perfect map. So every puzzle bit we share with each other makes this map litte better.

It can also be good to get valuable feedback from others in the rapamycin community about what dose regime a doctor has prescribe or what the person herself or himself has choosen to self experiment with. In some cases the dose can for example be too high or too low or that the frequency is not a good one or something else. I think it’s important to have in mind that the doctors who prescribe rapamycin does not have a perfect map either (yet). Therefore it’s good to view doctors as someone who tries to help out in the process of self experimenting with rapamycin. Even if you fully trust a specific doctor it’s good to have in mind that they do not have all the answers and they can have wrong. This is why it’s good to be open especially in a field were things are evolving. By sharing our experiences and protocols we help everyone out and move the rapamycin field forward.

It’s also good to have in mind that the big pharma companies don’t have any incentives in moving this field forward. This has also been shown if we view the history of rapamycin. The patent for rapamycin does not longer exist which makes it impossible for these companies to earn any big money on rapamycin. That’s why they will never invest in this field even if there is strong evidence about lifespan and healthspan benefits. It’s we ordinary people who will need to move this field forward and we don’t do it because of the money. We do it because we know it’s the right thing to do. It’s like when the founder of rapamycin, Suren Sehgal, in the 1983:s secretly hidden the rapamycin in his freezer instead of following the company management directive that the compound should be destroyed and forgotten. He knew it was too valuable for the humanity so to destroying it was no option for him. It’s like a gift he gave us and since then we have more and more started to understand what a valuable gift this is. The right thing for us to do is to together move this field forward so that the discovery of Suren Sehgal is never forgotten.


That’s why we are all here, to share experiences and to learn…


Yes, hopefully things will be more open in the future <3

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