Only here for the age reversal - with Prof. George Church

09:21 Interview Start - Aging
22:00 Epigenetic Clocks
27:30 Veganism & Synthetic Meats
35:05 The Wooly Mammoth
45:00 Alien Life
49:17 Neanderthals and Disease
1:00:20 Advice for young scientists


This genius is one of my antiaging heroes by far. I have my genome sequenced by his Nebula Genomics’ Ultra Deep Whole Genome Sequencing and its indeed the best invested money in my recent years. Great research results are awaiting ahead produced by Prof. George Church and his outstanding team!.


What did you learn from a full sequence vs a 23andMe quickie? I’ve done the latter. It turns out I’m Irish mostly, but I knew that.

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