One of nation’s oldest farmers gives lesson on longevity

Earl Mallinger, 105, said people should “keep moving” if they want to live a long and healthy life.


That’s good and no doubt good advice.

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And he doesn’t even take rapamycin. Better to have lucky genes.


Yes, it’s true…good genes trump everything else. Still, I like to see/read stories like that…they inspire me.
Plus, guys like Earl have lived a long life with no help from pharmacology. One day, someone with a good set of genes is also going to have pharmacological
“help” and what then? Will the bar be raised?

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Love these n=1 centenarian stories, but we really have no idea the “magic sauce” that allows these people to escape chronic disease and get to a 100. My guess is luck and genetics. His sister is 101.


Oslo is north of Fargo, practically Canada. He must really like snow.

I have a neighbor that turned 95 and he still actually farms. He plants and harvests, hires out the spraying. A couple years ago he started hiring a 75 yr old friend from town to help him. His operation is shrinking a bit, but he still seems interested and has a great attitude.

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