Oldest mouse in the ITP

So I looked through much of this data and the longest lived mice I could find were actually female controls in the 17a estradiol and metformin cohorts. Some have debated whether combinations of drugs might have an additive effect but looking at the raw data I think that 1450 days might be a hard limit for this strain and that has obvious implications for humans.

I’d be interested to see the ITP test CR.

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I guess in the end it all comes down to genetics and luck if you want to be the oldest living person ever?

No, median lifespan and the mean lifespan of the oldest 10% is significantly higher with Rapamycin and Acarbose etc but the current interventions don’t seem to have pushed the maximum recorded lifespan beyond the rare genetic anomaly.

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I think I was a bit crestfallen when reading this. I had bought into the hype from some of the leading longevity experts saying that the first person to live to 150 had already been born. I had set my sights on that number (or close to it). I figured that by taking the right combination of supplements, I too could be Jean Calment.

However, when a member of the control group reaches the maximum age, it is a reminder that even though most of us will live longer, the maximum age is still fixed at 122 and that most of us will not come close. Supplements will not reliably or even significantly help us to push through that age barrier or else a mouse would have done it. I was hoping they would have done it by a large margin as well.

To me, this information signals the end of the 150 year old human pipe dream during our lifetime using the currently known supplements. As the optimist I always am, though, here’s hoping we can find something new that WILL push us to 150 and beyond.