NY Rapamycin Doctors Experience?

I live in the NYC area. I have seen Dr, Green and although I feel he is very conscientious, making an appointment, communicating with him and trying to get prescription updates is very frustrating. I’m wondering if any forum members have had an experience with either the other two NY doctors mentioned in the “Doctors Who Prescribe” list or an online consultation with another MD or service? Many thanks.

I concur with your assessment. Dr. Green is amazing yet very difficult with maintenance of rapamycin care after seeing him. I went to my Primary Care doc and presented articles by Dr. Blagoskonnly (spelling?) and the link to Dr. Green’s website. Took a while to convince her to prescribe to me but I was successfully. We do labs every three months to make sure all is ok. I suggest you try this approach with your primary care doc.

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