Novel Strategies to Escape Aging and Death (Tomer Landsberger)

Some interesting ideas from a “Longevity Maximalist”:

Efforts to counteract aging have spanned different eras and civilizations, with a variety of strategies and beliefs. It’s only in the recent past that science has made tangible progress, not in a quest to defeat aging and death, but as part of curiosity-driven scientific inquiry. The 1990s were particularly pivotal for aging research, with breakthrough experiments that significantly delayed aging and extended the lifespan of nematodes, a type of worm often used in laboratory work, through genetic methods. These developments ushered in a new era in the study of aging, focusing on the role of molecular biology in understanding and potentially manipulating the aging process. Encouraged, some pinned their hopes on molecular interventions as a means to one day achieve an indefinite lifespan in humans. Many others remain highly skeptical, and given the pace of progress, their skepticism is warranted. But is there another way?

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