Novel method to accurately measure key marker of biological aging


@Joseph This may or may not seem strange to bring up, but what impact would it be to let people know a predicted age of death or how many years they may have left?

It is common to see many offer their biologic age vs. their chronologic age, but would it be more valuable to say based on my current data, I have another 20 years of lifespan predicted. I know this is getting into a rabbit trail of what if’s, but what if your doctor gave you a predicted age of longevity or death at your annual exam? I am wondering if the good impact vs. the bad would be of value? Sorry to go here. I am 59, and if my biologic age is 50, then what does that tell me about my longevity? If I had some data that supported that based on my current health, lifestyle, genetics, telomere length, grip strength, VO2 max or whatever other data you want to put in, predicts that I will live another 24 years or to be 83? Which is more valuable to motivate people - Biologic Age vs. Chronologic Age or How many years left of Lifespan?