Nof1+ invite - free de-sci community and app to track what works

Hey all,

I am a part of a team of team building a community and platform in the de-sci space to help us move from the Quantified Self to the Quantified Collective. Our app is now ready for beta testing and I’d love to invite you to join. It’s currently only on iOS and you need to have an Oura ring (we’re adding other wearable integrations).

In the app, you can easily tag the things you’re doing that may be moving the needle on sleep, HRV, resting heart rate, etc. Then, using AI, it gives you insights as to what is moving the needle and by how much. You can add your own tags (ex: Took Rapamycin) or use the many tags we have in there (ex: meditation, breathe work, avoiding blue light, etc).

It’s completely free and currently available on Testflight. Here’s the website:

Here are the instructions…


Cool app. I signed up.

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Right on, just signed up!