No noticable effects from my longevity stack. Why?

Updated stack below . . . added apigenin recently. The rest has been my regular stack for quite a while now.

No complaints, but I’m not noticing many good or bad effects from any of it. It’s not difficult to take this stuff every day, and I plan on continuing
. . . but I’m curious why I’m not seeing anything of note from any of this. (I’m 45/male, exercise regularly, not super careful about my diet.)

(As for rapamycin specifically, I’m still getting no positive or negative effects at all. Just . . . nothing.)


Rapamycin: 10 mg


Vitamin D: 3000 mg
Omega 3: 360 mg
L-Theanine: 200 mg
Magnesium L-Threonate: 1300 mg
Lithium Orotate: 5 mg
Glycine: 2000 mg
Aspirin: 81 mg
NMN: 1,000 mg
Tadalafil: 5mg
L-Carnosine: 1,000 mg
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 1 oz
Apigenin: 600 mg (1 tbsp dry parsley)


The obvious is, if it isn’t broken it doesn’t need fixing. Some supplements, like vitamin C for example, will not make you feel any better unless you are seriously depleted, even though it may be contributing to your general health. If your car is running well and you put in some new sparkplugs, you won’t notice anything, but your engine might run a lot longer before you notice any deterioration.
I like your stack and think it is probably as good as most on this forum are taking. I think monitoring your blood tests as Peter Attia does will be a good indicator of what adjustments you might need to make.


Thank you! That’s the kind of feedback I was hoping for. You’re definitely someone whose opinion I respect on this.

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Maybe add 100mcg of K2/MK-7?


I am with @desertshores on this. Nice stack. Keep that engine going! Very similar to mine. I’m only a few years older, but I’ve noticed I have a better mood and less pain. I guess my car needed a tune-up!


Of all the supplements I tried I only notice a benefit from creatine, beta-alanine (the better and cheaper version of carnosine) melatonin and perhaps Q10… (and from TMG when I still took NR, which otherwise would make me very tired)


I have seen an increase in strength recently, possibly due to the creatine. Thank you!

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It is quite difficult to link outcomes to interventions. It is even harder when the outcome is as a result of a combination of interventions. However, I have managed to identify clear outcomes from certain supplements.

My main reason for doing weekly blood tests is to find out if I am doing myself any harm with my regime. A second reason is to try to see the effects of various regimes on biomarkers. For example I can relate my vitamin D intake in two forms to Serum vitamin D. I am also seeing an improvement in MCV partially I think from supplementing with copper.

Menaquninone -7 has very obvious effect on mitochondrial energy as it causes me sleep problems (Vitamin K2, MK7)

In the broader sense, however, my objective is improving gene expression. This will always be a gradual improvement and AFAICS this is working. The obvious thing is pigmented facial hair where I used previously to have no facial hair. However, a reduction in HbA1c is also a symptom of better gene expression (and the ability to build strength).