NMN/NR worth taking for longevity?

Hello, is NMN/NR worth taking for longevity? How does it compare to rapamycin in comparison to increase in median/max lifespan?

NMN is quiet expensive and it just seems like a waste taking it , if it won’t do anything. If any one can post some good studies would appreciate it.

Hi @JadeKarlie - I took NMN for nearly a year. Didn’t notice any benefits and there were no changes in bloods (before, during, after).

Healthspan viewpoint - Some people ‘swear by it’ and notice increased energy levels. Others don’t notice anything. I think I must fall in that camp.

From a longevity perspective, I think there are mixed results here too. I believe it failed in the ITP.

Have included a few links below that might be of interest (not to peer reviewed papers sorry):

Here’s what InsideTracker have to say:


Mike Lustgarden often has one of the best perspectives, he has very recently been experimenting with it seems:

He is also testing NAD levels


I am only replying for myself when I say I took the expensive “proven” brand at the dosage of 1.5 -2 grams sublingually daily for ~11 weeks, (still taking it) I have noticed no benefit subjectively or any improvement in any of my blood markers. When my current supply runs out I will be buying no more of it.
I don’t think we have taken a poll of the forum members that are taking it but I can say that most of the posts I have read are negative reviews.
Bottom line: IMO don’t waste your money.


Bryan Johnson / Blueprint also just started an experiment with it:


I personally tried NMN and did not notice anything. I do not think current literature supports taking NMN or NR.

I think you need some b3 whether nmn or nr are a better form is not clear.


I recently listened to a Peter Attia episode on this and he doesn’t see evidence it’s worth taking.


Rapamycin has a lot more scientific research and studies behind it. The NMN benefits are marginal at best. Acarbose would be the second most effective, after Rapamycin IMHO.

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I took NR (Tru Niagen) for a few years and experienced some benefits. But it’s very expensive, so I recently switched to nicotinamide, which is very cheap.

NAM = nicotinamide/niacinamide
NA = nicotinic acid

In this small trial of a single dose supplementation within the daily tolerable upper level, 500 mg NAM was found to raise NAD+ levels in the whole blood of healthy men. Within the same subjects with the same protocol otherwise, 100 mg NAM or water supplementation failed to do so. This study thus supports the concept of oral supplementation of NAM as a safe and effective means to boost NAD+ levels in humans.

The study was designed to complement the results of our previous trial. Our single-arm trial showed a modest but significant increase in blood NAD+ levels with 200 mg NAM [20]. Together with the current results, it is likely that single dose of 200–500 mg NAM is sufficient to affect NAD+ homeostasis in blood. In support of this dosage range, a previous study of repeated dose of over 500 mg NAM showed an increase in the total amount of NAD+ plus NADH in blood [38], but repeated administration of 15 mg, 45 mg, or 90 mg NAM failed to raise the total blood NAD+ and NADH [39].

A very recent trial with repeated dose of NA starting from 250 mg up to 1000 mg for 4 months remarkably elevated whole blood NAD+ concentrations in healthy subjects by 5.7-fold compared to baseline [21]. The result was accompanied by non-serious adverse effects, in consistent with previous clinical trials with the same doses [21].

These trials including our current trial suggest that an amount above the currently recommended dietary intake to prevent vitamin B3 deficiency (approximately 15 mg total combined NAM and NA in adults) is required to affect NAD+ homeostasis. The effective dosage range of NAM tested was within the effective molar range of a single dose of other NAD+ precursors such as NR and NMN [12,18].


Dr. Conlon claims that NMN/NR supplements cause inflammation and methyl depletion. Her supplement contains nicotinamide, ALA, EGCG, quercetin, etc, and claims to increase NAD levels through the effective salvage pathway.

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JadeKarlie, I took NMN (Prohealth Longevity) for over two years at 1 gram daily mixed in a small amount of water at least 30 minutes before food in the morning. At times I believe I noticed a marginal improvement in energy level, but it wasn’t consistent. In order to notice that improvement I had to do something requiring endurance like swimming laps non-stop. “I believe” it allowed me to swim about 10% to 20% longer than normal at times. Prior to that I tried NR, and I noticed absolutely nothing with NR. NMN is expensive with questionable results for me, and I have not used it in over a year. However, I now a new packet of 500 grams in my freezer I plan to use at some point just to give it a final test, but I suspect it was a waste of my money.

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All 4 forms of vitamin B3: nicotinic acid, nicotinamide, NR (sold as NR chloride), and NMN, cause methyl group depletion, so all 4 should be paired with a methyl donor. Methyl group depletion shows up on the bloodwork as elevations in liver enzymes.

Chris Masterjohn recommends taking TMG along with all 4 forms in the ratio of 1:1 for nicotinic acid/nicotinamide to TMG, and 1:0.5 for NR chloride/NMN to TMG. The ratios are different because NR chloride and NMN are larger molecules.

For example, if you take 1g of nicotinamide, take 1g of TMG. If you take 1g of NMN, take 0.5g of TMG.

Note that nicotinamide, NR, and NMN are all part of the same salvage pathway. Nicotinic acid is converted to NAD in a different pathway.


I personally take it since end January and noticed increase in energy and significantly better sleep (coming from a person with issues sleeping when stressed this means the world - FYI am a new member to this super interesting blog and a newbe to rapamycin , and given the noticeable results I got from just taking NMN I actually started cruising on internet for more. Today I took my first 1mg Sirolimus btw)


I don’t know whether it’s thanks to the 1g NMN per day with enteric coating or other products I added at the same time with NMN this March (I added 0.5-1g TMG, 35mg glucoraphanin, 0.5 g horseradish powder at that time this March before taking Rapamycin last week this April, and FYI I’ve been taken prebiotics like fructooligosaccharides since several years which help in the digestion of glucoraphanin), or simply because of the temperature change, my libido increased and returned to the same level in my twenties (I’m 38, male), my father’s split nails cured and the nails has since grown faster. My 12 year old unspayed 7 kg dog (now eating around 150 mg NMN with enteric coating 5 times per week) was just in heat this March, and it could once again secrete enough pheromone to attract some small male dogs. It had lost this ability for some time and every time in heat, it had to pursue male dogs desperately but in vain with its chastity belt. Now some small male dogs would pursue it again though bigger ones would continue to ignore it. Besides, my dog’s appetite improved a lot, and energy a little bit, but this is not so true for me and my father, especially the appetite, so maybe NMN works better on dogs.
I buy NMN in bulk directly from the factory, so it’s not very expensive for me. There should be many qualified factories since the technology transfer fee to produce NMN is only around RMB 800,000 to 1 million in China. But you need to be very careful before you buy it, because some sellers, especially resellers may sell impure NMN powder. Even myself can’t be sure about my purchase, but from the unique snowflake-like properties of my NMN powder and its sour taste, I might have bought the right one.


Tryptophan plus vitamin B6 also raise NAD+ level?

I have taken Niagen 300mg for around 5 years to mitigate effects of a mitochondria disease and I am convinced it has improved my energy and thus increased duration of my work outs., which should improve my longevity. Same is true for my brother. I’ve tried and stopped using numerous other ineffective supplements. I haven’t yet started rapamycin but plan to


Here is his report back:


He did:

Jinfiniti [NMN] 500mg 2x daily, 6 days/wk
TruNiagen NR 375mg 2x daily, 6 days/wk


Both Bryan Johnson and Mike Lustgarden have been using the Jinfinity test of NAD levels

Does anyone have any experience with the test and/or thoughts on how relevant circulatory levels to understand overall NAD levels

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