NMN Nicotinomide Riboside, resveratrol

Hello, Regarding NMN can anyone tells me after taking a big glass a water with NMN in the morning does any of you urine a lot? I mean it feels like all the water in my body is flushing out.
Is that normal?

In my past trials of taking both of those I did not notice any symptoms. I do not think there is currently adequate evidence to support taking either of those supplements.

mjbc, I took one gram of powdered NMN daily 30 minutes before breakfast for over two years. I never noticed any side effects other than a small increase in energy at times, but only for a few hours. Why are you taking it with a big glass of water? That may be the culprit in your case. I stirred it in as little water as possible until it dissolved before drinking.

I take 750 mg of NMN daily mixed in with EVOO. I don’t feel tired that often now. It keeps my energy levels high all day long. Or maybe it fixed a low-energy problem that I had.

Thank you everyone for the response. Appreciated.