NMN Boosts AMPK Activation By 1,200% And NAD By 300%

Ran across the following.

NMN “Nicotinamide Mononucleotide” Activates Intracellular Energy and Approaches the Prevention and Improvement of Aging

Attached is a copy of the paper.

jbres1480.pdf (586.1 KB)

A quick review of the paper by Modern Healthspan


Always a little bummed when the first thing said is “in vitro”.


Yes, lots has been done in vitro, little in vivo. Given the failure of NR in the ITP studies its going to take a lot for me to be convinced that NMN or NR are worth the money.


I doubt anyone below the age of 60 is short of NAD+
I tried it once - made me have to get up in the night for the toilet - suspect I was just urinating it all away as I didn’t need it. As soon as I stopped it, didn’t need to get up in the night anymore.
I have seen on other forums in the past that it does appear to be beneficial to people in their 80’s.

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Guess the power of a placebo is linked to how much it costs :joy:


I have a strong suspicion that NMN is the culprit for my swollen prostate that flared up after I started using it. It is that or CA-AKG that I also started with at the same time a year ago or so.