Niclosamide mTOR 1

Has anyone looked at #niclosamide?

Interesting mTOR 1Inhibitor

[From RapAdmin: This video is from a guy who is promoting it as an mTOR1 inhibitor - seems like he’s just a guy who wants to make money off it. Lets not promote him, lets look at the data on niclosamide)

I cannot find a single study on Niclosamide and lifespan… seems like a huge, huge stretch to suggest this might replace rapamycin in any way.

Here is some data on Niclosamide as it relates to mTORC1:

The antiparasitic drug niclosamide inhibits dengue virus infection by interfering with endosomal acidification independent of mTOR

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I agree I don’t want to promote him but science is always asking questions could this supplement be a complementary to Rapa? Or is this just a guy trying to make money?

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