Next estrogen that extended male mice lifespan 16 alpha-hydroxyestradiol - does anyone knows anything about this?

According to Richard A Miller (NIA ITP), 16 alpha-hydroxyestradiol extended male mice lifespan the same as 17 alpha estradiol (15-18%) and shortened female mice lifespan by 3%
Not published yet from what I know

It seems like female hormones (estrogens) may be good for males and bad for females - exactly opposite what many people (and doctors) say


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Where did you hear this from? Is there a podcast somewhere that he mentioned this in?

I don’t remember the exact video - it was a video with Richard A Miller on youtube or some podcast - he said it had similar effect to 17 alpha estradiol on males and shortened lifespan of female mice, but results are not published yet

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Alpha estradiol improved healthspan but apparently not lifespan for female mice so this is REALLY different if it actually hurts females.

From Peter Attia Drive we have this:

Insight into what Rich though was going on with 17⍺-estradiol, and how badly they were wrong

  • Mike Garratt collaborated with a guy named Mo Jain to look at steroids in the tissues of mice treated with 17⍺-estradiol (among other things), and he noticed something really interesting
    • He found two steroids that were members of the estriol family (not estradiol) that were elevated at least 20-fold in males that got the drug
      • [reported as estriol‐3‐sulfate and 16‐oxoestradiol 3‐sulfate, metabolized from 17⍺-estradiol]
      • And they were not elevated in females at all
    • It was a male-specific production of estriol when 17⍺-estradiol was given, and we knew it was sex specific because if he castrated the males before the drug, you didn’t see the estriol production
  • The conversion from estradiol to estriol depended upon testosterone or some other testicular hormone
  • So Rich thought estriol was going to be the one that is going to work in both males and females
  • The dataset is 90% complete, and we’ll probably start writing it up in a month or two when we have 90% of the mice dead, but we had 50% of the mice dead
  • We’ve presented at meetings, and the data says that that guess was partially right and partially wrong
  • The hydroxy version of estriol is great for males
    • It’s actually at least as good as 17⍺-estradiol
    • We won’t know until we have the last few deaths, but it’s terrific
    • That was a good guess: you don’t need 17⍺-estradiol because the estriol works terrific
  • However, we thought it would work in females, and it is the first drug we’ve found that diminishes lifespan in females
    • So the idea that it would work to benefit females was wrong
    • It is for mysterious reasons harmful in females

To be clear is this straight estriol (E3)?

  • It’s 16-hydroxy estriol

Why did you pick 16-hydroxyl estriol as opposed to 4-hydroxy, 2-hydroxy, or just pure estriol?

  • Rich doesn’t know the answer, we could ask Mike Garratt
  • Maybe it was commercial availability
  • Maybe it was prior studies of toxicity in mice
  • Mike has his reasons, and Rich read the application three years ago and doesn’t remember what specifically led him to suggest this compound

The female mice that are dying at an accelerated rate, is there anything specific about the manner of death?

  • We don’t know yet; we haven’t done any necropsies

Starts around 1:43:30

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December 4, 2023


#281 ‒ Longevity drugs, aging biomarkers, and updated findings from the Interventions Testing Program (ITP) | Rich Miller, M.D., Ph.D.


If anyone can find any of the talk abstracts from meetings or even the actual video any such conference talk please do share