News Story: Beyond longevity: the diy quest to cheat death and stop aging

They overlooked rapamycin… very disappointing.


The writer’s angle seemed to be human interest/rubbernecking, not a serious look at interventions.

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You are right, Peter Ward is not a researcher or even a biologist or any life-science graduate. To avoid airing non professional studies or views on antiaging science in this serious and vocational site, it is, IMHO, preferable first to check how valid the sources are, given these days there are way too many ‘self procclaimed experts’ on this matter. And it’s better not to take them into account at all to prevent adding more noise to the already noisy scene given even real experts don’t row in the same direction, for sample, regarding exactly how and why we age. Let’s forget about agreeing on the best compounds to face and reverse aging. Just my two cents.