Newlimit Cellular Programming Show and Tell: 5:30pm PST

I don’t know anything about this, it just showed up in my stream. Maybe someone is interested in attending.

(ps Annoyed by the 15 character minimum for topic titles.)

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One of my ex coworkers is at newlimit. If you have any questions I could relay them to him.

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Here is the video of the NewLimit presentation

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So looks like they’ll be focusing initially a therapies that focus on t cell rejuvenation. That’s the part I found remotely interesting anyway, and that wasn’t too inside baseball-y hahaha.

On the topic of cell rejuvenation, it appears that metormin in particular can restore youthful function in intestinal stem cells in mice :

the researchers analyzed intestinal stem cells collected from two groups of old mice receiving diets supplemented with either 0.1% metformin or 42 ppm rapamycin. Both drugs restored the expression level of Lgr5 to 87% and 83% of young mice, respectively.

In addition, the transcriptional profiles of the cells taken from the old mice treated with either one of the drugs were significantly more similar to the young animals. Moreover, both drugs restored the proliferative capacity of the cells and reversed some of the metabolic changes observed in the old cells.

Interestingly, metformin appeared superior to rapamycin for stem cell rejuvenation in a number of aspects

awesome. i love listening to him present, he’s a very good communicator