New Tony Robbins Book related to Longevity worth the money?

Anyone read this new book by Tony Robbins: " Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love":

Worth the Money?

I got it just to check it out… I was skeptical, (and to be honest I have not read it yet) but as I skim it now due to your question, it does seem to have some good info in it… so if you’re looking for a good overview of many different areas - it seems like it might not be bad.


Surprisingly accurate.


It has a lot of good info to direct you in what areas to do research. its a little over optimistic and sales like, so I wouldnt take what it says at full face value. overall, its a decent book

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Was lithium mentioned? I have found many articles mentioning lithium for longevity.

Lithium Promotes Longevity through GSK3/NRF2-Dependent Hormesis

The polygenic nature of telomere length and the anti-aging properties of lithium

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No, Lithium is not mentioned at all. Probably too little research and still very inconclusive (though I do take a little tablet of 5mg every day or two).

Thanks all for the input on this new book!

I’ve now read it. I can recommend it. It will be good if you want to be exposed to many new and interesting possibilities and it is an interesting read. However, one caveat. Based on the information on metformin and NAD and a few other areas I am very familiar with, I have to say information on various areas is incomplete and/or misleading to the point that you should not rely any information in this book to the point of putting anything given into practice in your own life without doing research and obtaining a lot more information on the subject.

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Totally agree with you on your observations. Also - there are some significant controversies around the suggestions or recommendations… for example Peter Diamandis talks about a yearly “digital physical” analysis - with lots of full body scans, etc. that people point out as being very expensive, exposing people unnecessarily to a lot of radiation, and rather self-serving (since Diamandis is talking about a company that he and I think Robins are investors in)… so take everything with a grain of salt.

A intro to the book can be considered to be this video:

Some really good info in there eg discussions of peptides I’ve only seen very brief articles on the web, but there is a more detailed discussion on them.


Thanks for all your input. Reading about lithium as low dose for aging. I am wondering how you get 5 mg since it usually comes in much higher doses …

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I guess you are taking Lithium orotate not carbonate correct ??

Yes, Lithium orotate. Otherwise vey hard to get and dose

FWIW…Lithium orotate is much better absorbed, get capsule as tablets do not dissolve as well

Taking lithium orotate for ~10mg dose of available lithium, normally two tablets, for six months or longer will be a life-changer for people with anger management issues. In any case, it will make most people a little mellower.