New Study: Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to Increased Risk of Cancer & Death

@blsm, It never occurred to me to look at the sodium content!!!
FWIW, I’ve been buying NorCal pea protein only because it was the only organic option I found. I see mine has 90 sodium.
Yours is a much better value, so I’ll try it next time!!

Fwiw, I eat almost nothing processed but don’t feel any different. However, I continue to do so for health benefits. I did notice a difference when giving up gluten and dairy.

I’m jealous food is fuel for you. I live to eat!!! In fact, while I don’t need it, I’ve been so curious about ozempic for no other reason than to see what it feels like not to think about food 24/7!

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Thx. Do you use them together I order to get a more complete balance of aminos - if so in which ratio?

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I have before when I was using more protein powder regularly. Right now I’m in the middle of a micro nutrient class so I’m trying to keep my protein powder to a minimum but I’m sure I’ll increase it again once the class is over. I didn’t do any special calculations for the amino acids although that’s a great idea! We could probably easily plug a pea and a rice powder into cronometer or something similar and figure out the ideal ratio! I’ve noticed with cronometer it’s important to pick the NCCDB or USDA database when available for an item as those have the most complete data. If either of those data bases aren’t available (which they usually aren’t for protein powders) I just use whichever entry has the highest number of nutrients represented. It takes a little extra effort but it’s worth it. When I was mixing them I just lazily did one scoop of each! :blush:

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@Beth, I was shocked at how high in sodium many of them are! Yours seems good in comparison! There’s literally nothing in the stores here that’s acceptable to me to buy off the shelf.

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I’ve always wondered about adding rice protein. As I’m sure you know, most protein powders combine them.
I’ve played with them on cronometer, but my VERY uneducated thinking was, that not having more of what pea protein doesn’t provide enough of might be better for longevity?

I’m sleep deprived and can’t think of what that is, but I’m sure you know offhand!

I know rice is low in lysine but I’m not sure what else tbh. Since I’m an omnivore right now I haven’t gone too deep into it.
On cravings I think sometimes our body just wants certain nutrients and will drive us to eat until we get those. Cutting out processed foods helps a lot because those are purposely formulated to hit our bliss points which gives us a dopamine hit but doesn’t satisfy our nutrient requirements so we continue to seek out more food. I learned this from Marty Kendall and didn’t figure it out on my own.
I pretty much got over food as entertainment when I was diagnosed with celiac because I had to stop eating all my favorite foods. Then I had to reduce my fat intake because my lipids were sky high so there was really nothing left food wise that hit my bliss points! Don’t get me wrong, I eat well and enjoy the taste of my food it’s just more like an inconvenience to have to stop what I’d rather be doing and eat.

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I remember now!!! What pea protein is lacking (or just doesn’t have enough of),and why they combine it with rice protein, is methionine

I read somewhere that reducing methionine might be supportive of longevity. I have NO idea if this is true or if that was even a good study. I just figured I’m eating protein from other veg sources, so I’m probably not too deficient ? No clue really.

Ah, I get you on the food! I am only gluten sensitive (multiple celiac in-laws, so I empathize what a struggle having to be super strict is) and plant based, and eat mostly no processed foods… some days I say I can’t pretend anymore, I HATE VEGGIES!!! Other days I convince myself that a vat of kale and beans is super yummy. On many days I’m jealous of my husband who says I’m hungry and will throw meat on a slice of bread and have food ready in two minutes.

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Yes! My husband eats anything and everything too. He was always healthier than me until about 5 years ago (he’s younger than me) but I think his diet is catching up with him honestly.
Thanks for the information on methionine. I’m trying to do my best but I haven’t made the leap to being vegan. We have quite a few fasting days in my religion where you’re supposed to basically be vegan (shellfish are okay) and while I’ve made great progress thanks to the inspiration from people here I’m not quite there yet! I have to be careful with oxalates as well so that’s a big part of it. I was carnivore for four years though so I’m trying to cut myself some slack!
Yesterday we spent Father’s Day boating and I put a bunch of frozen vegetables and fruit together in a mason jar. By the time I was ready to eat it was perfectly thawed but still cool and so refreshing. I never thought butternut squash, brussel sprouts, blueberries and strawberries would taste good together but it was fantastic!

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“Frozen butternut squash, brussel sprouts, blueberries and strawberries” as a Father’s Day boating snack!!!

and used to be carnivore… and strive to be closer to vegan

Slack has been granted!! That might be the biggest turn around ever recorded :slight_smile:

I’m actually vegan for the animals, but the health benefits make it easier to be happy about it. I think no UPFs and close to vegan is as close to perfection as you need!!!


Thanks Beth, you are so kind and I appreciate it. I got in a diet rut during covid and continued with carnivore for too long. I’m thankful this site helped me realize that my eating patterns were probably not the best choice for my health and longevity.


Totally true in my case and made me laugh! - My wife is gone for a week and I am living on the carcass of a Costco chicken. I do add an extra minute to prep a fantastic early season gardening bonanza - beets, lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, celery etc. My morning nitrite levels are spectacular lately and I don’t want it to drop despite my lazy food prep tendencies.

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Love this,

“Choosing more minimally processed foods is a one way to limit ultraprocessed foods in one’s diet”, Loftfield said.

Yes, someone had to say it I suppose.

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“We observed that highly processed meat and soft drinks were a couple of the subgroups of ultra-processed food most strongly associated with mortality risk and eating a diet low in these foods is already recommended for disease prevention and health promotion,” said lead author Erikka Loftfield, Ph.D, of the National Cancer Institute.

A representative for the research group was not immediately available to comment on the specific types of soft drinks or processed meats Loftfield mentioned. But ultra-processed foods, as defined by the NOVA categorization system, include both sugary and artificially sweetened soft drinks, as well as sausages, hot dogs, chicken or fish nuggets, and other “reconstituted meat products,” according to the World Health Organization.

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Death from heart disease and diabetes which they brought up in the article is something you can avoid in other ways, like by using lipid lowering medications and controlling calorie intake. That’s not so persuasive to many of us if UPF has the largest effect through those diseases. I’m sure there are other reasons why they can be avoided, though.

Ah, this is what we need…every food gets a plus or minus minute rating for longevity.

“Just one hot dog can take 36 minutes off your life”
“On the other hand, researchers found that eating a serving of nuts could possibly add 26 minutes to your life.”
"New diet research out of the University of Michigan suggests that not only are certain foods better for you than others, but some can actually add or subtract to a lifespan.

Taking a look at 5,800 foods, study researchers ranked them on a basis of nutritional disease burdens and also environmental impact."

I guess 1 glass of wine at -5 minutes is chickenfeed. Can’t wait to see the scores for a bowl of HaagenDazs or a serving of bacon…let the competition begin - “my dinner beat yours by 30 seconds!” (bowl of Natto at the top of the leaderboard)

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Well malignancy is higher w upf as is cognitive decline.

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