"New research reports on financial entanglements between FDA chiefs and the drug industry"

“New research”- this has been known for several decades!

The conniving never stops!


Shocking! Hahahahahahahah

This is why I only trust the medications Trump takes: statins, finasteride and the covid vaccine.

This is not a political rant. I don’t care what party you belong to.

I know that many of the young people in this forum are at least mildly optimistic that the government has their best interests at heart.

But my life experience belies this.

Shockingly, Congress has been taking millions upon millions of dollars from lobbyists and special interest groups from every sector for as long as it has existed. Many people get elected to Congress to become millionaires.

Many of the FDA executives are former pharmaceutical industry members and vice versa.
Former FDA execs go to work for the pharmaceutical industry.

“Doshi reports that nine of the FDA’s past 10 commissioners went on to work for the drug industry or serve on the board of directors of a drug company.”

The point is to be skeptical of the FDA, CDC, etc. IMO: Financial ties with Big Pharma come first.

If we relied on the FDA’s opinions we wouldn’t be taking rapamycin or a host of other supplements.

When it comes to drugs, the latest darling drugs, meaning also the most profitable, will be pushed to doctors and the public at the expense of cheaper less profitable, proven drugs.
Just because a drug is new does not mean it is better than existing proven drugs.


FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse

Has not changed.

The above titled book from 2010.

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