New Rapamycin User Study Starting Soon at U. Washington

This just in from the Kaeberlein lab.

We will post the link to the survey when it becomes available in the next week or two…

Hello from Seattle! I’ve commented here and there but I think this is my first post in the group… I’m happy to announce that we received a grant from the Impetus Program for a longitudinal study to assess the short-and long-term effects of Rapamycin in humans. A study to understand the effects on people who have been taking it on their own. This includes everyone who wants to be involved, including Alan Green’s patients who agree to it. With Alan’s assistance, we’ve put together a survey and consent form and will be ready to roll with it in just a few weeks. Please feel free to send me an email if you’re interested in working with us or drop a comment down below. I will be posting regularly to keep you all updated as much as I can with respect to privacy issues. Thanks!

we’re not treating anyone in this study. We’re surveying those who are already taking it. Do you not currently take rapamycin?


Hi. I’m interested in contributing to the study.

This is exciting…I’m IN…I look forward to seeing your survey form. Ross

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