New Rapamycin podcast with Mikhail Blagosklonny

It is so true. Speaking is a unconscious skill for most people. The words just come, and “thinking out loud” is the natural way. To think before speaking is a learned skill that helps with this problem you describe. It isn’t any fun and generally people don’t even know it is a thing. The problem for the podcast host is the need to manage so many things all at once with no help and little ability to recover from error: sound quality, time limits, air time per person, covering the key points, staying on track, making it fun and personable, etc., while also thinking before speaking clearly. It gets easier with practice but never easy.


Also, my understanding is that Acarbose does not help women very much…so maybe low carb works better in men than women too?

Here is an interesting post of the top list of the ITP results for females. Rapamycin and Acarbose are on the top. They work better for males but the combo seems quite powerful for mice. If it will work for humans that is another questions.

Glad to see one of my favorites, methylene blue, make the list, but what happened to lithium? Wasn’t it on one of your previous lists?

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@desertshores How do you use Methylene Blue? For what effect? I’ve been curious but after listening to Masterjohns podcast I’d be afraid to try it.

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I am staying away from Methylene Blue. Seems like playing with fire.

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Yeah, I have been playing with fire for a long time. :smile:
I recommend that younger people exercise caution, especially ones with family obligations. At my age, I can’t afford to be cautious. If I go up in flames, no big deal.
I am an advocate of Michael Lusgarten’s philosophy:
“Conquer Aging Or Die Trying!”


Well, with due respect to Chris Masterjohn, he is not near the top of the list of authorities I rely on.
My current experiment with methylene is for its anti-viral properties and its effect on my
lymphocytes and smaller cells known as B and T lymphocytes. My lymphocytes are normal but my absolute lymphocytes have been above normal for years indicating an underlying problem. My doctors have always ignored this, including my current physician who says don’t worry about it. So, I am doing a little self-medicating.
Since I turned 70, I have detected an attitude with my doctors. They are thinking “Yeah, well you’re old, what do you expect?”


Do you remember which of my list the lithium was on because ITP has not tested that compound. On this page you can find all the interventions that has been tested.

Sorry, I probably mixed up the threads. Maybe it was this thread:

Extending Healthy Lifespan by Systematically Targeting Ageing Pathways Synergies (PHD Thesis)

I started taking lose-dose lithium decades ago in the form of lithium orotate. Mainly because of its mellowing effects on my perhaps too-aggressive personality. Hoped it worked. :smile: Since I started taking lithium I began coming across articles mentioning its possible life-extension properties. This is one of the more recent ones:

“Recent studies have shown that lithium supplementation can extend health and lifespan in different animal models”


Going whole food plant based will usually lower your WBC’s.

Also fascinating in this summary chart that Krister posted, compared to rapamycin alone in female mice:

  1. Acarbose added to Rapamycin increases median lifespan by 6% but no change in maximum lifespan.
  2. Adding Metformin to Rapa increases median lifespan by 2% but actually decreases max by 4%.

In addition, Leucine, by itself, decreases median lifespan by 2% but increases max by 5% in female mice.

This does not make sense to me.

What am I missing, please?

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Thanks for the response.

As I mentioned earlier I am not a missionary for any particular diet. I have tried many of the popular diets with mixed results. I am currently trying the carnivorish diet, I am not a purist, but my diet is mainly meat-based.

As you can see my absolute lymphocytes appear to be decreasing on the carnivore diet.

Also, my WBC has gone down on the carnivore diet:

Unfortunately, even though I have access to records going back a decade, they did not check lymphocytes in the routine wellness checks my insurance provided until 2016.

My WBC is almost exactly the same as it was in early 2015.

If forum members think I am publishing TMI, please let me know. I personally like to see the results of forum member’s blood tests as a result of their diets, taking rapamycin, and supplements.


Thank you for this insightful, important and kind interview. I listened the podcast the day it came out.
Will also use yuotube.
Thank you for your work!

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Does anybody know how long MB was on rapamycin? When did he start?