New Rapamycin podcast with Matt Kaeberlein

In this episode of “Rapamycin Master Series” I interview one of the world’s leading Rapamycin researcher Matt Kaeberlein. He has done two decades of research in the field and in this episode he will share this with us and much more. Just let me know if I missed something because I will have a second interview with Matt in the future. All feedback is welcomed as always :pray:


Congrats on the latest podcast @Krister_Kauppi.

The first half was a bit of a rehash / review (with not a lot new for those of us that have watched him before) but the second half had some new insights (ie biomarkers, etc) and his own N=1 - Thankyou :clap:


Thanks my friend! It’s hard to find a good level of content which is good for all but I think the next interview with him will be really interesting because now we have talked much of the basics and can now do more deep dive in different topics :pray: If have any suggestion in any topic to deep dive just let me know.


I must have missed the dose of .1 mg per kg weekly for dogs when I decided to try it with my dog. Was doing .15 mg per kg based off their safety trial which on the low dose used .05 mg per kg three times a week leading me to .15 mg per kg once a week.


We don’t yet know what the optimal dose is for dogs So hard to say if 0.1mg is better than 0.15mg. How long has your dog been taking rapamycin?

True, he’s just done a couple 8 week cycles.

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Hi Krister. Delicate one this, and absolutely no offense intended, but have you considered asking someone who is English first language to do the interviewing?

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@Krister_Kauppi, thank you so much for the interview! It was excellent.


@Krister_Kauppi Thanks so much for the interview!

What would make it more interesting for me is if you included a summary of the key takeaway points that you found most interesting. Like a paper abstract.

I’m watching it right now, and I have already learned quite a bit! Many thanks!

I especially liked the mouse vaccine study that involved a pre-treatment of Rapamycin. It just blows my mind why we wouldn’t pre-treat with Rapa before vaccinations… at least flu vaccinations!

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@Krister_Kauppi Matt Kaberlein (around 58:00 in the video) said he needed some data scientists to help analyze the data from the Dog Aging project. Google’s project Calico has offered the ITP help with data analysis in the past. Maybe you could ask Matt to contact Google and Calico? If anyone can do data analysis, it’s them…

I think @tongMD has some connections with Google and he may be able to assist with this. Not sure if @RapAdmin knows any data scientists that could help analyze the data?


I know data scientists… but they are some of the most “in-demand” people in the SF bay area, and the command extremely high salaries. Its not like they are underworked and available for little pro-bono projects…

I think Google / Calico may be the best options.


None of them are interested in longevity? There are some big long-term payments if you assume time = money. :wink:

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Glad you liked it and thanks for transparent feedback and no worries about offending me. I appreciate feedback. If I give little bit background I have all my life been struggling with a language disability and mild dyslexia. It’s something with my brain which differs from how it normally works. So there are more images in my brain than words but I have worked many decades in better handling my language disability. I’m very impressed of other people who without any problems can express what they think and feel both in speech and writing. I have improved a lot in these areas but I need more practice and the podcast is a great way for me to do that but also to push myself outside my comfort zone and feel more comfortable in publically speak. (The same thing is when it comes to writing. I like to hang around in internet forums to improve my way to write down words correctly.)

But I must admit that I have had a thought that probably in the future replace me with an AI robot. Today the AI technology is not perfect but things inprove step by step. Lets see how things look like in the future but currently no plans to replace me.

Some how I would like to involve or create a team around the podcast because there are many things todos. Find guest contact info, book interview, research for the interview, video editing, image editing, publish it. So today my capacity is to produce one interview per month. Would be nice to increase the capacity to two interviews per month because there are so many people out there to interview around rapamycin.


@blsm, @DeStrider, @Maveric78 :+1: curious question, was it something you thought was little bit extra interesting in the episode?

@DeStrider great suggestion about the key take aways!

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“extra interesting?” - many, but certainly Matt’s taking a long rapamycin sabbatical so that he can start from a blank slate of blood measures etc. Using himself (with others un-named) and his science background to develop measurable outcomes for his self-experimentation is a big deal. I certainly will pay attention to what he models for my own use.

PS - Well done interview! Your rapport with Matt and other interviewees is exceptional.


@Krister_Kauppi Well, I finished the whole video. I learned a lot. Things I really enjoyed:

  1. The explanation of the mouse and vaccine study.

  2. That caloric restriction is a crapshoot. It can be positive or negative.

  3. The fact MTOR is present in all eukaryotic cells.

  4. How Rapa affects the immune system in old age.

And more. Wow. There was just so much great information here! I love this stuff…


Well that was a good answer… and now I feel like a total d%ck!

Kudos for overcoming your disability and even having the balls to do a Podcast…


@Bettywhitetest Yes, the group self experiment is definitely something to follow up. My guess is Peter Attia is part of that group because it’s a close friend to Matt and they usually discuss lots of things regarding rapamycin etc with each other.

@DeStrider Yes, the mouse vaccine study was very interesting but little bit sad that they did not also have an arm with just Rapamycin (without vaccine). If that would lead to 100% survival also that would be really big discovery.

@Maveric78 No need to feel like that. You wanted just to take the podcast to the next level so the feedback was well meant :pray:


@Krister_Kauppi, I enjoy the whole show but must admit I’m very interested in the group self experiment too!


Great presentation Dr Kaeberlein. You present both sides of the story as a scientist should do