New Peter Attia AMA: lots of up-to-date info and tips

300-Special episode: Peter on exercise, fasting, nutrition, stem cells, geroprotective drugs, & more

am listening to this and found it very informative; let’s have an active discussion on his take on various subjects.


I like his categories of proven, probable, fuzzy and noise :slight_smile:

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His newsletter torching Christopher Gardner’s latest study (and corresponding Netflix special) made me cringe because, even I, who has limited ability to dissect a study, could see how full of crap and defensive he was being (and admittedly shocked and disappointed because I do respect and follow him). I just watched Gardner on the Proof podcast and they called him out. Gardner is one class act.


For those of us who have not read any of this, can you summarize briefly what PA disagreed on? Was it protein?

Here is a link to what landed in my inbox.

It was not so much disagreement as simply criticizing the study and being quite dismissive and even little obnoxious when talking about a respected scientist.

“ Failing Science 101”

“I could go on for days about other shortcomings of this study – such as their reliance on self-reported food surveys or the fact that participants were free to purchase snacks on their own during the food delivery phase – but harping on such small-scale points seems superfluous when the basic study design and the entire premise upon which it is based are so deeply flawed. While the attempt at controlling for genetics may be admirable, it is at odds with the rest of the study design, which fails utterly to isolate and test a specific independent variable. Indeed, if we can derive any knowledge at all from this research, it is that calorie restriction and healthy diet composition – regardless of whether foods come from plants or animals – can improve metabolic health. Surprise, surprise.“

“Then again, perhaps this chaotic, three-ring circus of a docuseries serves to highlight the nonsense of the study itself, and for those of us for whom health is our top dietary concern, this “research” should be taken for just what it is – entertainment, not rigorous science.”