New Oral Drug Lowers Cholesterol by 70%


But do they reduce all cause mortality or even just improve healthspan?

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Link to the published papers;

A multienzyme S-nitrosylation cascade regulates cholesterol homeostasis

Do you have an example of a drug that has a measured reduction in all cause mortality in healthy people?

Antibiotics, some chemotherapy/immunotherapy, insulin, some antihypertensives on indication and life attenuated virus vaccines come to mind

I meant healthy people not people who are treated for cancer etc or other disease.
I don’t think you will find any drug which has a measured reduction.

Live attenuated vaccines do…

Vaccines, yes. I suppose it’s hard for drugs to have the same level of effectiveness as some vaccines do on mortality. The benefit can also be seen much faster.

Asking for all cause mortality benefit excluding the genetic data is like asking a drug which wards off disease like some vaccines do, where the benefit is also seen fast and doesn’t require multi decade studies.