New Medicine Doubles Cat Lifespan

For all you cat lovers…


Thanks for the find. Damn, I hope this works out, I love my kittens and want them to live as long as possible.


Too bad this rAIM protein will not be available in time to save my dog.

#4810 DIAGNOSTIC AND THERAPEUTIC IMPACTS OF AIM ON END-STAGE KIDNEY DISEASE | Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation | Oxford Academic


Here is another link regarding the rAIM technology.

I wonder if AIM could be effective against heart disease since macrophages are involved? Reversal of kidney disease is miraculous enough.


I would be rejoicing right now if they did that for dogs, extend dogs life spans by 10 years, that would be amazing!

I am wondering if kidney failure might be the leading cause of death in the dog aging project. I think the big three for dogs are cancer, cardiomyopathy, and kidney failure. My 17 year old dog has been on rapamycin for three years and is doing well except for kidney disease. The rAIM treatment plus rapamycin therapy may not double dog lifespan, but I would not be surprised to see a 50% increase. Btw. Have any of you tried giving your dog taurine?

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30 years used to be a pretty normal lifespan for cats before we started feeding them processed junk and in fact there are cats that lived much longer than that even

How old is the oldest cat? Record-breaking feline ages, breeds..

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