New Intelligence Model Could Upend Genetics


From the article:

let’s start out by upending one commonly held notion: that DNA is the blueprint from which our bodies are built;

Not exactly, no. It works in the context of existing cells, so there is a lot going on besides the DNA to start with.

Interesting ideas, thanks for posting.


Thanks again for posting this. I actually read the whole thing & got to this at the end …

"In the future I see, our children who are told stories of the past say ‘you’ve got to be kidding me. You mean somebody was born, and just because of the vagaries of some cosmic ray hitting their DNA, they had to stay and die in the body they were born with? Maybe their goal required more IQ or a longer lifespan, but no, they got lower back pain and astigmatism and then died at 70? That can’t be right. Nobody can live like that!’

I like the way he thinks :smiley: