New David Sinclair Paper: Loss of Epigenetic Information as a Cause of Mammalian Aging

All living things experience entropy, manifested as a loss of inherited genetic and epigenetic information over time. In yeast, epigenetic changes result in a loss of cell identity and sterility, both hallmarks of yeast aging. In mammals, epigenetic information is also lost over time, but what causes it to be lost and whether it is a cause or a consequence of aging is not known. Using a transgenic mouse system called “ICE” (for Inducible Changes to the Epigenome), we show that the process of repairing non-mutagenic DNA breaks accelerates age-related physiological, cognitive, and molecular changes, including the erosion of the epigenetic landscape, a loss of cellular identity, cellular senescence and advancement of the epigenetic clock. Epigenetic reprogramming through ectopic expression of Oct4, Sox2 and Klf4 (OSK) restores patterns of youthful gene expression. These data support a model in which a loss of epigenetic information is a cause of aging in mammals.


And this video of David explaining his work. David Sinclair presents at ARDD 2021 - YouTube

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David Sinclair presents at ARDD 2021 - YouTube