New Alzheimer's Disease Drug Clinical Trial Recruiting

FWIW, there is a study being started to look at a drug to prevent Alzheimer’s:

I expect they want people who aren’t taking rapa, but some people here might be interested in it.


I completed the first interview for participation in this (AHEAD) study a week a ago.

Was asked some pretty basic questions, and they took a blood sample, which will be tested for precursors that appear many years before becoming symptomatic. Apparently this test is just as accurate as more invasive methods: Results expected in about a month.

The ptau-217 blood test was just as good as the FDA-approved cerebrospinal fluid tests at identifying people with amyloid buildup, with accuracy scores for all tests at 95% to 97%. In a secondary analysis, the researchers measured how well the tests determined the levels of tau tangles in the brain. In this, the ptau-217 blood test was superior to cerebrospinal fluid tests, with accuracy scores in the range of 95% to 98%.

Alzheimer’s blood test performs as well as FDA-approved spinal fluid tests – Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Studies have shown that people with no cognitive problems but who are positive for amyloid are at high risk of developing cognitive impairments in the next few years. A major phase 3 clinical trial known as the AHEAD 3-45 Study was launched in 2020 to evaluate whether treating amyloid-positive people before symptoms arise can prevent cognitive decline. Washington University is a site for the trial. The blood test is being used in the AHEAD study to screen potential participants.

Have to be between 55 and 80 to participate in the study.

Participation involves a 4+ year commitment. If the blood test comes back negative, you can’t participate. If you have a ‘moderate’ level of the problematic tau stuff, then a doctor visit is requred every four weeks. If you have a ‘high’ level, it’s every other week.

A study partner, someone who sees you at least once a week, is also required. But they only occasionally are interviewed, and it can be done remotely.

On the plus side, you collect a (taxable) $50/visit!

If you do test positive, you’re not committed to participate. Can elect not to proceed any farther.

I asked the interviewer how much comfort should I take if the test comes back negative. He responded ‘Quite a bit.’, given that I’m 71, and it takes a long time for the disease to become symptomatic even if you have only the precursors.

If you’re in the right age range, and want to know if you have the precursors, then maybe consider going through the initial interview process. If you do test positive, make a decision as to how to proceed from there.

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Do you take rapamycin?

I signed up for the AHEAD study, but in my town there are many people who want in, so I haven’t been scheduled for the test. I think that taking rapa would be a dealbreaker for them, because it would confound the results. I haven’t asked though.

WRT the blood test, any idea if it’s possible to get it if one isn’t in the study?

Thanks, Beth

I do take rapa. They didn’t ask me about what meds I take at this stage, or identify any that would be cause for exclusion.

I don’t know how one would get the test, outside of this method.

Got the results of my blood test. I’m amyloid negative :partying_face:

Also, as an APT study participant, I recently received an email invite to get (I assume) the same blood test, in order to be evaluated for participation in other studies:

Only available by invitation. But this may hint at the liklihood of broad availability of this test in the near future.

Hello, would so appreciate it if you would update your experience in the AHEAD trial. I have just sent in the initial paperwork but have not been scheduled for an intake interview. Thanks so much!

Hi, I don’t have anything to add to the above. I had blood drawn, tested negative, so no further participation.