New Adverse Finding on NMN Reported in ConsumerLab


What is the dose?
I wonder what the mechanism of inflammation is?
If this is also present in humans?

Human research and clinical data are sparse. IL-1Beta is apparently the source of the inflammation. ConsumerLab focuses on purity of supplements, etc.

This is the source CL lists for the most recent kidney damage report. An abstract of a preprint.

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300mg/kg/day in a mouse would be close to 300/12.3 = 24mg x kg

For me that would be 24 x 70kg = 1,680mg per day

That’s a pretty high dose. I take about 800mg per day of NMN

Interestingly, I’ve had kidney stones a few times but have not had any in the past 4 years. Previously I’d have 1 every couple of years since I was 40. Not that it is an indicator of anything specifically related to this topic :slight_smile:

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Another reason to not take a supplement without proven benefit.


On balance, roughly the same amount of evidence – in vitro, animal, snd human – supports (and questions) taking rapamycin and NMN. However, my is that the upside case for the magnitude of rapamycin benefits is greater.

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I just read the newest posting from consumerlabs. Com. It states the long term nmn supplementation has led to kidney disease and worsening conditions for those who already have it. Has anyone read anything else about this?. Johnmac

That is what I posted at the top of this thread.