New / Active Rapamycin Human Clinical Trials (related to Aging)

We reported earlier on a group of new human clinical trials that are funded and just starting, in this post: Rapamycin Clinical Trial Update

But - in searching on I see there are number of other small human clinical trials that are in process, that will help add to the body of knowledge of how rapamycin helps (or doesn’t) in specific age-related conditions. Its interesting to see the specific indications where medical groups see potential for rapamycin. Details below:

The PEARL study is still recruiting:

Other studies:

Rapamycin / Rapalogs and Cancer


Interest in rapamycin is accelerating exponentially…Google recently reported that in 2022, searches for rapamycin on Google have increased over 900%, Also, in 2022, a PubMed search reveals that in 2022, there have been 203 studies published with the term rapamycin in the title and 114 studies published with the term sirolimus in the title.