Neuromelanin MRI

Terran Biosciences, Inc. (“Terran”), a biotech platform company developing therapeutics and technologies for patients with neuropsychiatric illnesses, has received FDA clearance to market NM-101, a cloud-based software platform to analyze neuromelanin-sensitive MRI scans. Currently, there is no other FDA-cleared software indicated for the analysis of neuromelanin MRI on the market, making Terran’s technology the world’s first.

NM-101 is a cloud-based analysis platform that is able to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows at hospitals and imaging centers. The device allows doctors to send neuromelanin MRI images to Terran directly through the hospital picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and receive a full report back in under an hour. When interpreted by a neuroradiologist, NM-101 can provide information useful in determining neuromelanin association as an adjunct to diagnosis.’s-first-software-for-the-analysis-of-neuromelanin-sensitive-MRI