Need some help finding a licensed medical professional for exosomes

I’m trying to get hold of some exosomes to do some micro needling experiments on my skin. I’m really curious to see if it makes any difference. I’ve reached out to a couple of reputable companies but they only sell to licenses medical practitioners. I live in California where you’re charged a ridiculous amount for a treatment that cost less than a couple of hundred dollars. They also won’t tell you where they source their exosomes, which is really frustrating.
I don’t have any connection with anyone that could help me. Anyone have any suggestions?


You can buy them in Russia:

Or in Ukraine:

Contact tel ## in Kyiv

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I’ve seen this recently posted in the Gerontological Research Group email list, not sure if they resell plasma only.

There are 1.84 billion exosomes per ml + over 10,500+ individual proteins (different fractions of albumins, fibrinogens, immunoglobulins, alpha-2-Macroglobulin, eNAMP, VPS35, etc.), 5K different peptides (including LL-37 antimicrobial peptide, GDF-8, GDF-11 growth and differentiation factors), 45 cytokines (including Interferons), 50 different sex specific hormones, enzymes and minerals.

A $250 20-ml unit has 37 billion biologically preserved exosomes. A $1,000 200-ml unit has 370 billion. 3-liters have 5.5 trillion

The references for this information are available on

Tom Casey

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer


Hi Paul,

I’m willing to chat with you and have a philosophy that so long as something is reasonable, unlikely to cause harm, and the individual I’m treating understands risks and benefits, I’ll partner with them to support medical therapy.

I’d need to understand exactly what you want to do and why.

You can certainly check my contact deals and we can discuss off of this forum as I certainly can only give specific advice and care for an individual in a HIPAA protected format.

I’m licensed in CA and have the full ability to order all standard and functional medicine items one might need.


Grant E. Fraser, M.D.


Thanks Grant. I’ll reach out offline.

Thanks I’ll check this out.

I am also interested to try this. Can you give an update about how this is going for you? Thanks!

Not yet unfortunately. I’ve spoken to the supplier but the only way I can get hold of it is if I use one of the spas/clinics that use it, which makes total sense. It’s just that I’m in California where you pay 2/3rds more for the privilege of your zip code.
What I’d like to do is get access to a Tixel machine and use some umblical derived stem cells. It’s out of my price range right now. And I can’t see if ever coming down by a significant degree in the foreseeable future.
I need to befriend a dermatologist or aesthetician who’s willing to use me as a guinea pig. If I get anywhere I’ll update


Thanks for the update. I was hoping that you were able to get some of the exosomes for a decent price from the doctor that messaged before.

I did speak to Grant. Great guy by the way. The issue is that the exosome manufacturer would only deliver to a clinic and not a private address. So there was no way around it. I am going to see my dermatologist soon. I might ask him, but I don’t really know him well enough to expect anything. I think we’re all a bit more eager to help each other out here. I do wonder if we could organize some central hub around all this stuff somehow.


I wonder if people like us can form relationships with some of the biohacking workspaces that have popped up around the country… for example, in Berkeley, CA there is this group:

CounterCulture Labs: Oakland’s Grassroots Community Lab for Open Science Pioneers and Biohackers.
Counter Culture Labs’ mission is to demystify and democratize biotechnology by putting tools in the hands of those who want to explore, innovate and learn to advance scientific literacy.

We are a community of scientists, tinkerers, biotech professionals, hackers, and enthusiastic fans of sharing knowledge who have banded together to create an open community lab — a fully stocked biology wet-lab built in the spirit of ‘hacker spaces’ and ‘maker spaces’ to support anyone who wants to pursue a question.

Perhaps we could have things shipped to these locations, once we have a relationship with the group?


I’ve been wondering about something like this. There has to be a way we can get hold of these things. Not sure of the legalities of it all though. But I can’t see exosomes being that much of an issue.


You might check out the local LA bio maker spaces / or general “Maker” spaces:


Berkeley BioLabs – Berkeley, CA

Bio, Tech and Beyond – Carlsbad, CA

Denver Biolabs – Denver, CO

La Jolla Library Bio Lab – La Jolla, CA

Biodidact – Los Alamos, NM

TheLab – Los Angeles, CA

Counter Culture Labs – Oakland, CA

PortLab – Portland, OR

DIYbio San Diego – San Diego, CA

Wet Lab – San Diego, CA

Indie Bio – San Francisco, CA

HiveBio Community Lab – Seattle, WA

BioCurious – Sunnyvale, CA



Did you end up buying some and if so , what was your experience?

Not sure how to identify a “ reliable” source …

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There are a couple of companies that produce them. I was looking for exosomes from amniotic fluid, specifically l.
The problem is that you can only buy them from a licensed provider.

My roadblock was that I live in California and everything it’s 3 times as expensive as elsewhere.

If you’re in the states you can try here:

You might also be able to talk to you dermatologist and ask if they can order if for. I assume they’ll need to do the treatment

This product used to have a website but it’s been taken down. I’m not sure if it’s because this is all in a grey area.

It’s worth reaching out for pricing.

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Thanks , am in the eu but hoped you had found a good provider online- someone ( Lara Po ?) two links to Korean companies elsewhere but I cannot find it anymore ( maybe it was deleted ?)

I figured that if I invest in Tixel , I should also invest in Exosomes (and a good growth factor cream) …

I had my tixel check up visit yesterday ( 2 weeks to early due to travelling as of next week) and while my own fotos did not show any effect , professional pictures did show slight improvement and I definitely feel my skin in my face very tight. Results are supposed to improve still during the next weeks so would have to come in once am back to get other pictures taken and see final result.

I think with several treatments results should be great and natural so most likely will pull trigger on the Machine I found for a good price (with slow shipping); just a pity I should probably wait until after summer : according to doctor, treatments could be done each 6-8 weeks depending on skin recovery - every time recovery should be faster - and skin should always be perfectly healed of course. She now said that I could redo the treatment in July if I don’t go into the sun ( and with high protection , always ) but given the high amount of sunshine here in summer it’s almost impossible to avoid the sun so I think it would be wise not to repeat until September at least ; or maybe just the eye area as this is covered up by sunglasses most of the time , but this is probably not the best area to practice :sweat_smile:) the doctor also confessed she did it on herself 2 weeks ago and that she pushed a bit too hard in the eye area so that she actually had caused some tiny wounds on her eye lids but that it had healed super quick ( it was her second time ).


@eli If you are planning to undertake Tixel sessions every 6-8 weeks… (Admittedly I haven’t looked into what it exactly entails, but:) are you not concerned Rapa would interfere with healing and collagen synthesis?

I took the last 4 mg dose a week before the treatment and I didn’t take any yet afterwards ( will do tomorrow, so had almost a month’s break ) and that seems ok; I doubt that I will have tixel each 6-8 weeks though as life always gets in the way :grinning:

Tried to find on Internet clues on frequency of Bryan J ‘s tixel treatments but didn’t find anything so far

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Thanks for explaining. Good luck with your Tixel endeavours - hope it will yield great results for you.

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