Nationwide{in the US] Problem: Serious Lung Infections Caused by Soil Fungi

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Yup, I’ve got 2 different neighbors, both young guys and they went through this.

I had histoplasmosis in 1985 when I was much younger. I believe I got it from working underneath my house on the loose, dusty, dry soil. It was the perfect spot for the release of the fungus from bird droppings that had been dry for years. I was exhausted and sleepy for months. My first doctor didn’t do any particular tests and thought I was depressed. When additional signs like coughing up pieces of calcium prompted my second doctor about a year later to do an MRI he found one lung loaded with calcified spots (think ground glass). He diagnosed it as histoplasmosis, but it was too late for any anti-fungal medicine at that point. The fungus had done the apparent lung damage, but likely did additional damage throughout the entire body. For example, my opthalmologist noted decades later that I had some eye damage commonly associated with histoplasmosis. I was living in South Carolina at the time, and had heard that it wasn’t commonly found in my area at that time. But, apparently, it was present under “my house” at that time. I think fungi should be considered insidiously dangerous. Since I first heard of Rapamycin I’ve been quietly hoping that it would be able to slowly kill off any lingering fungi in my body, but I suppose the jury is going to be out on that particular point for some time.

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