NAD injectables @ 0.2

I had an instant feel wellness within the first hour of imy first injection…
This is week two and today after the injection I feel better than I’ve felt in years…
I can’t wait until I add TMG’s…
I’m in for life…


This sparked my interest. Some questions: Do you self-inject? Is it intramuscular or subcutaneous? If you do-it-yourself, where can person find reputable pharmaceutical grade liquid ready to inject? How do you propose integrating the TMG? Thank you :slight_smile:


Are you , or do you plan to, do any blood tests pre and post to see if it has any effect on something like biological age, or other measures?

Thank you for sharing. Pls give more details.


I have no financial interest in agelessRX.

I do use their service for LDN

They have available NAD injections, you do yourself with the prescription included starting at $250 per month, for 500mg, $425 for 1,000mg, less if you subscribe.

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Checked it out: do you happen to know what’s the right one time dose per person? 500mg or 1000mg?

It’s case by case I’m sure…

You have a video/telephone consultation with the person who writes the prescription. Before they write the prescription and send you the compound, syringe’s and needles

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