Myo-inositol trispirophosphate (ITPP)

I find the above chart, and the others like it upstream, depressing. (Note: this comment has been split into its own topic from this thread: Exercise, VO2 max, and longevity | Mike Joyner, M.D - #61 by RapAdmin

‘Severe cardio capacity decline awaits you no matter what, but if the severe decline starts from an ‘elite athlete’ level, hey, you’re good.’ If you are at the 95th percentile at 75, you have the fitness of an average 45yo. Woot, I guess.

'What do you want to be able to do at 85?" Why does the chart stop at 75? Since y’all going to live to 100, let’s see a chart that goes all the way there.

Completely switching gears, but related to the topic of cardio capacity:

ITPP - myo-inositol trispirophosphate

Anyone out there familiar with this substance?

Was easily available a few years ago, but China cut off supplies of a precursor, now not readily found. Rather than me babble on about my experience of it, just wondering if anyone else has used it.


I’m not familiar with it - but some info for people looking to learn more;

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Crap, I meant to put the wiki link. I’ll babble anyway.

As best I can summarize with my 8th grade education and failing memory, ITPP shifts the oxygen disassociation curve of red bloods cells from something like 25% to 33%. Hence, improved athletic performance. It came up as a possible treatment during covid, which is where I ran across it.

There’s lots of discussion on reddit.

I found some on a nootropics website, tried it out. I was like cutting a few years off my cardio age. Cut several minutes off my weekend hike best time. Bounding up stairs with notably less huffing. Mind blown, as they say. I tried it for a couple of months, was sold. As it was disappearing from the market, I bought up a couple thousand $ of it. And wondered how I would make it last.

I went off to hike in Kyrgyzstan for a couple months, went well. Used ITPP the whole time, couldn’t say that I noticed much impact from it, but I was in good shape so no problem.

Came home to resume activities where I could detect whether the ITPP was having an impact. Zip. Nothing. Had lost all benefit that I could detect.

Placebo effect? Product lost potency? Can’t buy it anywhere now, last I looked so, no way to investigate what happened. Makes me sad, those few months where it worked were awesome. (And no apparent side effects.)


Is this the right stuff?, Apparently you can still buy it from India in powder form.

“Myo-Inositol tris pyrophosphate (ITPP) is a powerful allosteric modulator of haemoglobin that increases oxygen-releasing capacity of red blood cells. It is capable of crossing the red blood cell membrane unlike its open polyphosphate analog myo-inositol hexakisphosphate (IHP). Systemic administration of ITPP enhanced the exercise capacity in mice.”

Must be something to it if it being used as a doping agent in horse racing.

“There have been rumours of its abuse in the horse racing industry to enhance the performance of racing horses.”

Apparently it is still available from India at ~ $1,400 per kilo:

Detection of myo-inositol tris pyrophosphate (ITPP) in equine following an administration of ITPP

Myo -Inositol tris pyrophosphate (ITPP) is a powerful allosteric modulator of haemoglobin that increases oxygen-releasing capacity of red blood cells. It is capable of crossing the red blood cell membrane unlike its open polyphosphate analog myo -inositol hexakisphosphate (IHP). Systemic administration of ITPP enhanced the exercise capacity in mice. There have been rumours of its abuse in the horse racing industry to enhance the performance of racing horses. In this paper, the detection of ITPP in equine plasma and urine after an administration of ITPP is reported. A Standardbred mare was administered 200 mg of ITPP intravenously. Urine and plasma samples were collected up to 120 h post administration and analyzed for ITPP by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. ITPP was detected in post administration plasma samples up to 6 hours. The peak concentration was detected at 5 min post administration. In urine, ITPP was detected up to 24 h post administration. The peak concentration was detected at 1.5 h post administration.


I found this to be interesting…

The novel allosteric effector myo-inositol trispyrophosphate (ITPP) is currently in phase 1 clinical trials for chronic heart failure and cancer applications (under the designation of OXY111A). This compound already has been used for performance enhancement in the horse racing industry and is readily available online in the form of oral nutritional supplements and even injectable solutions. ITPP is included on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited list of substances for human athletes; however, no method yet exists to detect this substance in human urine.

and related:

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Yeah, it must be some good stuff, but I can’t find any except 1 kilo powder and injectables.
I don’t do injectables. :sweat_smile:

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Interesting that ITPP does not appear on the WADA anti-doping list:

I wrote to Natural Pharma, asking about certification, they sent back this:

natural pharma COA Myo-inositol trispyrophosphate@Neutral(1).pdf (82.8 KB)

Before quoting a price, they wanted to wanted to know my purchase size. I wrote back with some concerns about the ‘certification’ expiration date. I asked about buying a few grams to test, and maybe up to .5 kilo or more if good.

No response.

A few years ago you could buy this at Walmart!

You can get some from a lab in Kiev (others have and it seems to be legit); though only the salt shows in-stock right now. The salt, so I’ve read, comes as a lump, and you have dissolve it and intake a few drops by solution.

What I have is a powder. I used about one gram over 7-10 days. Didn’t seem that there was a consensus on dosing. Also, larger dose didn’t seem to produce larger effect. Effect was ‘on’ or it wasn’t.

I administered under the tongue, but read that you could just dissolve in water and drink, made no difference. Taste was a sort of tangy, but not unpleasant, to me. I didn’t feel anything after taking, cardio was just better.

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This thread is blowing my mind. Thanks for bringing it up.

But that shit is expensive. $17 a gram and you can take 1 or 2 grams up to twice a day. The only use I can see is if my older son comes to visit and wants to run with me and beat my butt (which he does and he’s a little overweight and it doesn’t really matter because he’s 30) and I can cheat with this stuff and ruin his day.

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Nah, I was taking 100-150mg/day or every other day. And got happiness-producing effects. Maybe my phrasing of ‘one gram over 7-10 days’ made it sound like one gram each of those days? I meant to say a total of one gram.

My impression is, when it was easily obtainable, it was around $10/gram or less. Circa 2017. I paid like 3x that for the amount I acquired when it was disappearing. Which now seems to be impotent.

Your link to Wal Mart showed $17/gram and the directions on the back of the package said you could take up to 1 or 2 grams twice a day. I’m sure not the cheapest place to buy, or the most conservative directions.

If it was still there I’d try it just for giggles. I’m getting slower.

Just my opinion but we’ve got to stop letting China make our drugs. Seems like a national security issue to me.

Old thread but:

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"Product Description

These Medicines recommended for Womens reproductive and sexual healths These can be used to treat certain Hormonal problems menstrual problems fertility problems in women and pituitary prolactinomas tumors of the pituitary gland"

I just wanted to run faster.

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Ah - but the good news is you will be fertile again & can have children, and any pituitary tumors will be smaller :wink:

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Hahah don’t run so fast! The other ingredients are NAC, vit D, and Folate. Hardly the stuff that will get dudes pregnant and you probably take these compounds separately or you should. :wink:

Just because it’s formulated with the health of ladies’ bits in mind, doesn’t mean you’ll grow boobs from taking it.

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The package says myo-inositol (no trispyrophosphate). Other companies selling the same thing with correct description.

Would that it were true, but pretty sure no itpp in there.

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I think you’re actually right. After posting this yesterday I looked closely and it seemed they had mislabeled the digital title by adding the trispirophosphate bit.

The effects of ITPP sound like they’d best be replicated by EWOT.

Len5742, This sounds exactly like what I need. My swimming endurance continues to decrease with age due to a lack of enough oxygen and this may help. I did some searching like everyone else and didn’t find anything either. So, if you find a source that seems safe I want to know.

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I found a source for ITTP, but the price per gram is $49.99. Unless the dose is in the lower milligram range that price is going to be out of bounds for me. And, by the way, what is the dosing schedule for ITTP?


Where I’ve sourced SARMS etc. Has treated me well and (as far as I can tell) respected in the SARMS purchasing community…