My Rapamycin journey, my new heart stent and way forward

So I thought i would post here and discuss my journey…I am encouraged by several folks on here like Agetron and desertshores…i have learned a lot reading about their process.

I had a stent put in my heart last Wednesday as I had 80% blockage in my LAD artery (commonly kow as the widowmaker) so I am going to journal what i am seeing as I go forward and some reflections on my journey on how i got here

So some details about me…

I am 59 years old…6’ and 195 pounds waist 34"…my exercise program has been walking with dog daily for around 45 minutes to an hour…Orange Theory twice a week for HIIT…and strength training twice a week…but let’s face it that is what I aspire to do and i still work and travel a lot and that is my goal and i do the best that i can and if I do 2/3 of that each week .

I have had high cholesterol since i was in my 20’s I didn’t really manage it nor manage my diet until maybe the last two years when i got a new doctor that got serious about it. I have been on a low dose of Atorvastatin for 20 years but it didn’t really lower my LDL a lot and to be honest i didn’t really follow it or track it much until a few years ago. I have alsways been pretty activd but not as consistent with regular exercise as I should have been…i would go on a tear for a while and then get distracted, etc. maybe get motivated to train for a 10k or a hiking trip or something or feel like my weight had crept up and get on it but not a steady disciplined program. I was also on TRT from about 2010 until 2020…but i went off as i felt it really just made me puffy and while I had good energy and it probably increased my libido i wanted to try going without it…so anyway when i got my new doctor in 2021 I went off TRT and switched to Crestor and then added Zetia…that brough my LDL down and i have had no side effects at all from the statins that I know of…I understand a lot of folks on here are anti-lipids but to be honest I am not going to go against my doc on trying to get my lipids down…I do have family history of heart disease, my uncle having an early heart attack, then quadruple bypass in his 70’s, my mother having had a pacemaker and lifetime of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and triglycerides…having said that they ended up dying of other things in their early 90’s and mid 90’s. My dad died at 92 with Alzheimers.

So I am fortunate to have a doctor who is aggressive and willing to do things and try things. I have taken the Grail test, the blood test for cancer detection and that is negative and i plan to repeat that every few years.

My doctor had me do a CT scan and also calcium scoring this fall and my score was 154. That put me in the bottom 20th perentile for my age…not good. She then had me do a CT Radiograph with dye right before the holidays, her thought was let’s see if your calcium is a little bit all over the place or if it is all concentrated in a big blockage…the doctor reading it called her right after i left and said that i had a “50-70% blockage of the LAD”…rest of my arteries were pretty good…my doctor sent off the scan to a company named Cleerly ( which does an AI enhanced analysis of the CT scan. That analysis said it looked like 58% blockage of the LAD.
I am lucky to have a good friend at Mt Sinai who is a cardiologist that deals with this…he looked at the scan and said yes, there is something there but the gold standard is to go in with a catheterization and actually measure how much blockage is there as scans are not perfect and sort of subjective…he then got me in to do a heart catheterization last week which is the gold standard to see what is really going on

Well, he went in and they did the measurements and discovered that i actually had 80% blockage in that one area but that the rest of my arteries did look good. he put in a Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent to open the blood flow back up to superhighway status. Kind of cool that i have rapamycin in my heart now.

The bottom line is I feel great, he wants me to go back to my exercise program after a week…the biggest pain is from my wrist where they went in…and probably my psyche from realizing that i am not bulletproof.

When i started with my new doctor over the last year i have lost 25 pounds with my exercise program and my diet…I am fairly keto, pretty much totally avoiding carbs and mostly just eating meat and vegetables…I also intermittently fast and take my meals between 1 pm and 7 pm if i have two or i just have one meal in the evening. That diet has helpd me feel good as well as lose the weight. Having said that my diet is probably higher in fat than some would say is healthy but it really seems to be working for me. I have a lot of red meat and a lot is pasture raised from a friend of mine who raises cattle and elk and venison that i harvest myself.

My rapamycin journey started last spring when a friend told me to read LifeSpan by David Sinclair. I was really hooked and became very interested in reading and learning about longevity. I started off by trying to match his regiment of NMN, Resveratrol and Metformin. When i talked to my doctor about Metformin she suggested i research Rapamycin as well. So i started on 5 g of Rapamycin weekly, NMN supplements from Elysium Health as well as a few other of their supplements, Matter which is B6, B12, Folate and EPA fish oil, a vitamin K/D combo pill, as well as Format which is their immune support supplement which has Vitamin C and a bunch of other things. I also took CholestOff which is a plant sterols and stanols and occasionally also MetaMucil for fiber.

So I was feeling good…my partner was entertained, she was making fun of me for my stack of supplements and off label meds.

Then in early summer 2022 my PSA which had always been at or below 1.0 jumped up to over 5. I ended up getting an MRI and my local hospital felt like it was clearly cancer and wanted to poke 12 holes randomly in my prostate to do a biopsy. My doctor and i weren’t comfortable with that and did some research and found the Busch Center in Atlanta who I highly, highly recommend if anyone has prostate issues. They did an incredible job doing a new MRI, there were some suspicous areas and they did an MRI guided biopsy rather than just randomly biopsying my prostate like swiss cheese and they discovered that it was not cancer…they suspected it was prostatitis and put me on a regiment of antibiotics and it went back down and has remained below 1.

While all of that was happening I stopped taking rapamycin and my other supplements as I was worried that i had started too many things at once and I wondered if maybe my PSA going up had to do with something related to that…so i decided to stop rapamycin for a while and the metformin for a while and just take a few supplements like the Basis and Matter and Cholestoff and get back to a good baseline…

I do think a lot of the weight I lost last year was during the three or four months i was on rapamycin as it seemed like my weight all dropped the first half of the year…but maybe it was diet, maybe it was better exercise, maybe it was going off TRT…maybe it was the stress from hearing the word CANCER…who knows…i just had too many variables all changing.

To add insult to injury after I received my CT Scan saying i had blockage in my heart but before I could go to Mt Sinai to learn more I got COVID…grrrrr…it was my first time getting it and i am fully vaccinated but we did have a huge Xmas party/engagement party for my son with several hundred guests and i greeted every guest at the door and probably hugged half of them and I came down with Covid two days later.

So now i am 7 days out from getting my stent. I have really fresh and quite good bloodwork but now i have a whole set of meds.

aspirin 81 mg daily
Crestor 20 mg daily
Ezetimibe 10 mg daily
Repatha Pushtronex 3.5 ml shot monthly (a PCSK9 inhibitor to really lower LDL)
asprin 81 mg daily
Toprol XL 25 mg daily (beta blocker)
Brilinta 90 mg twice daily (oral anti-platelet medication to prevent clots to be taken for a year to keep your body from forming clots around the stent)

So I am going to go back to taking Rapamycin 5 mg.

I am trying to decide if I want to go back on my Metformin.

I am trying to figure out if i should take Fish Oil tablets in addition to the Elysium Matter…can one have too much Fish Oil/EPA…in other words just rethinking all of my old supplement stack and decide if i want to take anything more or not…

After reading about it on here i have ordered from Life Extension their Arterial Protect combo French Pine Bark and Gotu Kola supplement. Hopefully this may keep me from getting more plaque in my heart.

At the end of the day I belive that my blockage had built up over a long time. I am happy that what i have has been dealt with. It seems that for whatever reason i am a person who converts cholesterol to plaque in my heart so now i need to take some interventions to try to keep cholesterol low, arteries healthy, etc. etc. so i don’t build new blockages.

So would love to hear any thoughts folks have about supplements i should consider. Thoughts about my journey etc.

I have detailed blood work as well but i would say that i am very normal on all my levels now…my free testosterone has stayed in a normal range most recntly at 569 after stopping TRT, my AST and ALT willl sometimes be borderline high in the 50’s but then will also then be normal…I drink rarely but wonder if i have tracked well if i had drank before those tests where it is higher as it is not consistently high. My doctor is not worried about my liver unless those numbers were to get very high.
My AIC is 5.4. My HDL was 57. LDL most recently was 55. My ApoB was 62. LDL-P was 982. My CRP was .7 mg/L

So if anyone read to here I thank you. I think writing all of this was sort of like therapy for me.


My understanding is that supplemented omega 3s are only attempting to tip the balance against the other types of fatty acids (omega 6 and 9). So what matters is the overall ratio in your blood. Some lipid labs check for that ratio. My cardiologist had me on 6 grams of fish oil at one point (my triglycerides are high). However, there’s a slightly elevated risk for afib so I think many are divided on supplementing fish oil/EPA. If your doc didn’t specify, perhaps better to speak with him about it. Since you’re on a blood thinner I would guess it’s fine since the big problem with afib is the increased risk of clots.

Also good luck with your recovery. That stent probably helped you dodge the big one.


Thanks for the shout out Bfaith1642.

Looks like a few challenges - but seems you are on the right path. The rapamycin at your age and condition might be able to do some great things. You already had it with no major issues.

A few suggestions… I use finasteride 2mg for prostrate and my PSA is under 1. And, my prostrate is that of a 20 something guy according to my urologist. Also, taking acarbose as a neutralizer/preventative for carbohydrates - it works well with rapamycin for longevity in clinical trials (of mice).

Anything I can do to assist - let me know.


Finasteride is a good idea. Besides helping my prostate it may help with my starting to appear bald spot as well!

As it relates to Acarbose what are folks thoughts on it vs Metformin?

I understand Acarbose works to help not absorb the carbs in the gut. If I am not eating a lot of carbs anyways does it still give a benefit? Or is there some other pathway where it also helps with longevity or blood sugar control? Just curious. I may switch to Acarbose to give it a try for a while as I did see on the mouse trials that combined with Rapa it has better longevity outcomes than Rapa alone . I have read that if you don’t eat a lot of carbs it has less side effects of feeling gaseous or stomach upset.

I have been using Metformin in a topical cream and have had no side effects from that at all.


May I suggest you research vitamin K2 with D3 on google and YouTube. Add heart health or calcium to your searches. Consider reading eat rich live long.


Yes… from information on this site … just added K2 as a supplement for bone health.

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Bfaith1642. This website has an interesting story by Patrick Theut related to his resolution of his coronary artery calcium problem. It’s on a website where he promotes vitamins, but I can’t find his story in any other place. In other words, I’m not promoting his vitamins, just his story.


So sharing more of my story…

One fun thing is that i have had my dog, Birdie, on rapamycin for about 6 months. She is a 3 year old lab and she had an injury as a puppy to her rear metatarsal and the vet said there was no surgical repair for it and that she was going to just always limp or be lame when she exercised a lot and likely have bad arthritis on that joint and on the other leg as well since she would favor it.

I found a vet who has a website Natural Pet Health gy Dr. Kevin Toman. I enrolled Birdie in his study for Rapamycin she is a 60 pound dog and is on 3 mg on monday, wedesday and friday…That is a lot compared to our doses…but the proof is in the pudding…she is doing amazing and her limp is gone, her activity level is through the roof and she is doing amazingly well.

About me…I upped my dose this week to 6 mg. I did nto have any side effects last week that i can tie to the rapamycin…hoping for another good week…


i went and read the guy’s story…it is fascinating…it is also sort of hard to read as his writing style is so stream of consciousness…he also takes a boat load of supplements but his basic premise is interesting…to summarize it he says coronary artery disease is a multi headed dragon that is more than just reduce your LDL but it is a combination of getting your gut right, your vitamin supplementation right to get your hormones and your anti inflammatory properties optimized…this will then get your LDL’s to ge the right form so they don’t damage your arteries…thus if the form of your LDL is right then it matters less what your LDL level is…that is his way of letting the arteries keep from continuing to be damaged…one can also stop the damage continuing by lowering your LDL to 35 or so which then just keeps the number of LDL circulating so much less that it does not damage…he makes the claim that i have not really seen elsewhere proven that an LDL of 35 or so causes cancer…

Lots to think about…I guess I am currently choosing my study of one to be using PCSK9 inhibitors and my Crestor PLUS Rapamycin to see how low i can get my LDL…I will be working to further lower my body fat and get my exercising on track and then see if this regimen can keep plaque from progressing or perhaps reverse…plan to get blood work in 6 weeks to get a baseline after my stent and on my new meds…

I may stay here at 6 mg of Rapamycin until my first blood test…

Any thoughts on good tests to be sure and test for…i have a lab that i get most anything i want done…will do detailed cholesterol panel, insulin, A1C, full metabolic, etc, I get it done at Any Lab Test Now.

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Bfaith1642, The ApoA, ApoB, and Ratio may be of some use.

I had a blood test done on 12/13 /22 So that is about two weeks before i started Rapa.

I used the attached excel spreadsheet that gives the Levine age calculator.

My chronological age is 59. My Phenotypic age was calculated to be 56.15 My DNAm age is 55.24

So before i started rapa it looks like a 3 to 4 year less than chrono age starting point.

What is the difference between those two measured ages that is on the spreadsheet? Can anyone explain difference between Phenotypic age and DNAm age?

I will be curious to see what sort of reduction in this age measurement we see…is there a place on the site where people have been comparing the results they have seen by these measures?

I also realized i have been underdosing…my capsules are 2.5 mg and not the 5 mg i was thinking. I have Biocan 1 mg pills that i am using to increase so my ramp up is slower than i had thouhgt…

so Monday I will step up to a real 6 or 8 mg…so far no side effects at all that I can tell.

My doctor agreed to prescribe rapamycin but will only prescribe 5 mg per week. That is why i ordered from India. The delivery was prompty and now i have a zillion 1 mg pills to use as well.

I had tried Health span but my experience there was a bit spotty… Interestingly they deliver in 1 mg pills and would not prescribe more than 3 mg/week.

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Took my second 10 mg dose…i did not notice any side effects last week.

I got a prescription for finasteride as @agetron suggested and am going to add that to my stack…see if i can get any hair regrowth from my male pattern baldness…having said that I am too lazy to try to do some of the more extreme or complicated things i have seen on that…I can take a pill a day, ha!

I am back on my workout routine and feeling great…I saw some of the entries on the section about rapamycin and cardiovascular disease that were a bit concerning but not enough so to make me stop…


As a heads up… some people find a reduction in their sexual libido when on finasteride. I never have, on it 30 years already. But once you’ve been on it for a while… say two months you can reduce to a pill every other day and do just as well. And, then later yet even a pill every third day and get the same effects. I have been a pill every other day for years now.

I also take 5mg Minoxidol daily… good for blood pressure reduction (a bit) … and hair loss too.

Even guys in great shape can have slightly elevated BP. I was 134 over 74. With 5mg Minoxidol at 127 over 72.

Let us know if you get results. Takes about 3 months to notice a change with both. At 6 months major improvements.


I scanned this guys story. It is hard to read. The big glaring error is how he talks about Vitamin K. From my understanding there is K1 and K2. K1 is easy to get in most peoples diet. It has to do with blood coagulation.

K2 is harder to get unless you eat Japanese Natto, Pate, etc.

It is K2 that is needed for the heart. As I understand it the body lets Calcium go where-ever when it is low on Vitamin K2. One may have weak bones and/or calcified arteries because calcium is not directed to the correct places. K2 directs calcium away from the organs and heart and into the bones. That may be over simplified.

Perhaps after 50 everyone should ask for a Heart CAC test. Watch the youtube - widowmaker. Everyone should be eating the right foods or be taking a K2 supplement. I have read some stories where CAC tests are improved with the use of K2 and that is what the author of the article is saying happened for him.

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Interesting that you saw a slight reduction in blood pressure…because they have me on 25 mg of Toprol, a beta blocker, even though my blood pressure was normal to start with…now it is lower…I think after one year after the stent they will take me off of the blood pressure meds as well as the blood thinner that they are keeping me on for a year…

I got Minoxidol at 2.5 mg as well as finasteride…I haven’t found a reduction in my sexual libido yet but to be honest all this stess around my heart stent has sort of knocked that into the dirt for a while…hope it comes back…

I will track the results…took pictures into my phone so we will ses what we see!


Update on exercise post heart stent and post starting Rapa again…

At first i was finding that my endurance was not what i remembered it to be…I have been doing a 4 mile brisk walk daily and I used to do that at a jog…this week I did over 4 miles without having to stop and walk a block, jog a block…so feeling my endurance is returning…

Also I do Orange Theory which is a good high intensity workout done with heart rate monitoring and I have found an interesting thing there…i can do the exact same workouts at the same intensity as i was last year but my average heart rate over the workout is about 10 bpm less…hmmmm…is it the beta blockers? it my artery opened up with the stent?..who knows but i think that is a good thing…


So since i have moved to Austin i needed to get a new primary care doctor. Its funny as I shared all of my meds but then i left out that i was taking Rapamycin…I really don’t kow why but I guess i was worried she would try to talk me out of it and i wasn’t really prepared to get into all of that…

She did however give me some new supplements that she wants me to take and she is going to do a ton of bloodwork and other testing to get a solid baseline…now i am wondering if I should go off of Rapa for a week and do the testing…

The tests she is having me do in addition to a full blood workup are as follows:

Dutch Test of urine…tests for metabolites of estrogen, progesterone and cortison…looking for insight into adrenal function.

Vibrant Zoomer…tests for food sensitivities

PULS…Protein Unstable Lesion Signature is a cardiac test that measure protein biomarkers that measure the body’s immune system response to arterial injury

IGL Body Bio…asseses Mitochondrial function and more.

Genova Methylation Panel…indefities metuylation abnormalities

She also wanted to do the Galleri-Grail test for cancer screening and the Intellxx Genetic Test but i have just recently done those with my other doctdor and am getting the results sent to her.

So if nothing else it sure seems i am going to have an extensive baseline…if not at the very beginning of me taking Rapa it is going to be witin two months of starting…

stay tuned…


I also forgot to mention the new supplements she has me on…she felt that she expects given my statins and Repatha she will see that my cholesterol should be quite low. She worries about inflammation and why the cholesterol that i have was causing the problem, her theory is that you need both inflamation in the arteries as well as the cholesterol to create the problems so she is giving me supplements to work with that and she prefers the ONE multivitamin vs. what i was taking…

CM Core (Berberine 1g, and ALA, 200 mg) support for cardiovascular health
Vein Support Diovasc (has citrust flavonoids for vein health, diosmin and hesperidin)
Methylation support
ONE Multi-Pure multivitamin capsule
Arterosil (to protect the lining of the arteries in the heart)
Neo 40 Professional (Nitric Oxide supplement for heart)

She also has me taking Magnesium and Glycine to help my sleep…i actually sleep quite well but according to my Apple Watch i only get around 45 minutes of deep sleep per night and she wanted to see if she can help me get more deep sleep.

Now i am going to do a bit of research on the various supplements and make sure none of them are bad with Rapamycin…


I read the part of this site that mentions interactions with Rapamycin and it seems that Berberine was mentioned…so I may lay off the Berberine on the days that i am taking Rapa…I didn’t see any other interactions from the new supplements

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I’ve been taking berberine the whole time and didn’t even know it affected cyp3a till it showed up here. It may very slightly increase AUC so if you push your luck by taking large doses close together you would want to be very consistent with it. If you go with a longer interval (like 2 weeks or 12 days) it won’t matter much. You’ll get more for your money.

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