My Nitric oxide (NO) adventure begins


Today{08/25/2023] started, am taking 2.5mg of generic tadalafil daily.

I allowed the tablet to dissolve under tongue

As posted in others threads on this forum purchase 90 tablets of 2.5mg of generic tadalafil for $16.97{this was in North New Jersey] at a Stop n Shop Pharmacy with a GoodRx discount card/code

Yes, you would require a prescription.

Also add;

Beet Root capsules 1g{2x 500mg capsules]

And cold pressed juice;


Why did you not choose is isosorbide mono/dinitrate, nitroglycerine or just a simple otc nitrogen donor like arginine or citrulline?


You can get liquid tadalafil without a script from Blue Sky peptides, Ultra Peptides, and others selling what’s referred to as research chemicals. Comes with an eye dropper so you can take exactly what you want.


I did consider/think about using nitroglycerine(patch or sublingual) the tadalafil was just easier.

The pathway is also different.

Arhu, why would you consider/think of using isosorbide mono/dinitrate?

At what cost?

Paid $16.97 for 90 2.5mg tablets.

The prescription was at no cost.


Blus Sky is always having a sale so it usually runs around $30 for 30ml. I like to stay out of doctor’s offices so it works for me.

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90 x .6mg of nitroglycerin patches cost $37.00 with a discount card at Rite Aid in North New Jersey on 08/26/2023

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