My latest blood test/Levine score

On May 4th I had a cardiac ablation as a treatment for atrial fibrillation. The new technology used meant the whole thing took only an hour or so under general anaesthetic. I was sore in the groin area for several days but now feel much better.
On Wednesday 10th, while shopping, developed a bad headache and almost fainted, so I visited my local clinic. They took a blood sample for testing. Final diagnosis was probable dehydration and I soon recovered.
I put the blood test results into the Levine age calculator and was pleasantly surprised that it gave my age as 55; eleven years under my real age. I know such calculators are not perfect, but we use what we have.
Trying to find what was different to my previous blood test (2021) didn’t yield much. MCV was down from 99fL to 91fL, which I believe is noteworthy. Kidney health measures were also improved (which normally go the other way as we age.)

PS: I haven’t told any of my doctors that I’m on Sirolimus. But I am taking a 1 month break while I recover.