Multiple Sclerosis and Rapamycin

Hi all,

I’ve been interested in Rapamycin for some time now and I’ve ordered some from India that’s bound to arrive soon.

However, I do have multiple sclerosis and after a quick search about MS/remyelination and Rapamycin, I’m finding contrasting results: some studies showed that remyelination is inhibited by Rapamycin, others (honestly less “reputable”) imply there might be some benefit. Another mTOR inhibitor, Metformin, is a promising remyelinating agent currently being tested both as standalone and coupled with Clemastine (and possibly Simvastatin).

So my question I guess is: anyone got direct experience or has more information about the role of mTOR/Rapamycin in MS?

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Not sure how helpful, but there are some entries relating to this here and then some of the posts below that

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Yes, had a look into them before posting, they link to studies i’m already aware of. Thanks though.

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