mTOR signaling as a molecular target for the alleviation of Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis


“The use of rapamycin to prolong life in different animal models…”

But none of these wild type animal models get/die from amyloid dementia??

mTOR suppression “might” delay progression, but prevent? Not proven in human models of course.

We have NO idea the cause. mTOR might not be connected at all.

The University of San Antonio gives out awards to researchers around the world exploring all sorts of alternative theories/pathways:

“These winners brought forth 10 distinct, innovative ideas that look beyond the prevailing theories and could direct future research and treatments. Some of the categories that emerged include: autophagy, lysosome and mitochondria; ApoE and excitation; neural stem cells; and the immune system.”

One award winner pursuing autoimmune disease:

All cause mortality risk reduction is still the goal of extending human healthspan/lifespan. I am thinking of rapamycin in this way…simply slowing things down.