mTOR and fat cells?

Is there any relationship between mTOR and fat cells. Any studies on the topic? I guess that mTOR some how is activated if a person eats excess of calories by that gain weight. But if the person doesn’t eat excess of calories does mTOR impact the fat cells if it’s activated in different ways?


Good question since weight loss often accompanies rapa use. There is lots of research on this, including this review paper on mTOR in various tissues:

mTOR is critical for adipogenesis and maintenance of fat tissues.

and, on brown and white fat:

mTORC1 is involved in the conversion of these two adipose tissues.

and if you knock out mTORC2 in mice, you get enlarged organs, such as the heart–very bad news.


Thanks for the recommendation of the article! I read it and these sentences was really interesting.

In 2015, Xiang et al. found that activation of mTORC1 in adipose tissue increases lipid accumulation in BAT which is associated with down-regulation of brown adipocyte markers and concurrent up-regulation of WAT markers. These observations indicate a phenotypic switch of BAT to WAT. Rapamycin treatment reverses this process in vivo and in cultured brown adipocytes


In conclusion, mTORC1 participates in normal adipose tissue growth and BAT-WAT phenotypic switch. mTORC2 regulates fat cell and whole body organ size, systemic glucose and lipid metabolism and BAT differentiation.

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