Mitochondrial Transplantation Solves Mitochondrial Aging

This interview from the EARD 2022 (Ending Age-Related Diseases Conference) just came out. I hadn’t heard of the concept of mito transplants, and they sound much like plasma parabiosis. Tom Benson’s company uses a growth reactor to make more mitochondria from a sample. It sounds like a viable future anti-aging therapy, many years down the road.


Nick Lane, he of the Transformer book & research on the mitochondria, says in his book & aludes to in this youtube: Nick Lane, "Transformer : The Deep Chemistry of Life and Death" - YouTube. I’m paraphrasing, the essence is that there is an interaction between the nuclear & the mitochondrial dna. Mismatches can cause the cells to malfunction.

At the most basic level, this suggests one wouldn’t want a mitochondrial transplant from some random stranger, but one that are repaired versions of one’s own original strain.

It’s a cool idea & I hope it works out, but it isn’t necessarily going to be simple.