Mitochondrial Targeted Interventions for Aging (New Paper)

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Changes in mitochondrial function play a critical role in the basic biology of aging and age-related disease. Mitochondria are typically thought of in the context of ATP production and oxidant production. However, it is clear that the mitochondria sit at a nexus of cell signaling where they affect metabolite, redox, and energy status, which influence many factors that contribute to the biology of aging, including stress responses, proteostasis, epigenetics, and inflammation. This has led to growing interest in identifying mitochondrial targeted interventions to delay or reverse age-related decline in function and promote healthy aging. In this review, we discuss the diverse roles of mitochondria in the cell. We then highlight some of the most promising strategies and compounds to target aging mitochondria in preclinical testing. Finally, we review the strategies and compounds that have advanced to clinical trials to test their ability to improve health in older adults.

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