miRNAs/microRNAs thread

Michael Greger has a lot to say in his latest book

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New study of miRNA expression in muscle aging and caloric restriction in rats

Upregulated miRNAs with age linked to downregulated proteins in muscle development, metabolism, and longevity pathways. Downregulated miRNAs linked to upregulation of pro-inflammatory proteins with age.

CR normalized upregulated age-associated miRNAs towards youthful levels, but less so for anti-inflammatory miRNAs.

One miRNA, miR-96-5p, upregulated with age, found to decrease cell viability, mitochondrial biogenesis, differentiation, and autophagy in myoblasts.

Impressive work by PhD student Gulam Altab, PhD with collaborators Vasilaki Aphrodite and Katarzyna Goljanek-Whysall

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